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How can I remove a 7 year old stretch mark on my face? (photo)

Its 7 years ago in a accident have a stretch mark in my face, How can i remove it ..... please if u have any cream for that please tall me ,,, see the... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Repair "Ripped" Skin After Pregnancy?

I'm 110 lbs 2 and 1/2 yrs after pregnancy. I have a small frame so pregnancy "ripped" my skin. I've lost ALL pregnancy weight, work... READ MORE

Will my sunken scars from infant colostomy surgery benefit from a scar revision procedure? (Photo)

As an infant I had a colostomy. I'm 21 now, and as i've grown older, growth and weight gain has made the scars a lot larger, more visual and sunken.... READ MORE

I've been searching on how to remove my scars on my legs and I was wondering how much would it cost? (photos)

How much would the procedure be and will it permanently be remove? How long will the treatment. I've heard about laser tx but does it really work. I... READ MORE

Can the scar above my belly button be removed? (photos)

I have a scar from gall bladder removal right above my belly button and a thick stretch mark. I know what's below will be removed but can they go a... READ MORE

I'm covered with stitch marks and scars after Labiaplasty. What treatment would you recommend?

I'm covered in stitch marks, scars and a sort of bubbling effect at labia edges years after having labiaplasty. Can anything be done to improve this... READ MORE

Are these scars stretch marks and can they be removed ? (photos)

I have not been gaining weight or growing since I am 21 years old. I am 49kg and 164cm in height and have always been this weight . Few months ago I... READ MORE

Scars and stretch marks; what should I use to help fade the scar around my button from the TT? (Photos)

Hello Although I'm very happy with my results, I'm wondering if there is anything that can be done with my old stretch marks under and on the sides of... READ MORE

Dark spots and stretch marks (Photo)

Please Help me eliminate huge and dark stretch marks naturally or with oils. Thank you. P.s i am African so complexion counts right? Just guessing.... READ MORE

What can be done about this scar? (Photo)

This scar above my navel is from having an adverse reaction to a navel piercing, and it makes me very self conscious about my stomach - something I... READ MORE

How do you suggest I lighten my burn scars as well as stretch marks? (photos)

I have had these scars since I was 2 after falling into a fire and acquiring a skin graph. Luckily, it's only my leg that still has the damage. I am... READ MORE

How can I get rid of a 5 year old caesarean scar? (Photo)

How can i get ride of a 5 years old caesarean scar? It´s deep and also I´ve stretch marks and a burn scar. Do I need any surgical procedure or what c... READ MORE

Should I use treat Keloids that have appeared on my body? (Photo)

I have brown skin and I am 22 years old. I have some Keloid scars on my upper back and one on my upper chest. One grew from an stretch mark and others... READ MORE

Can PLEXR be done for keloid and stretch mark removal?

I have heard that PLEXR can remove scars, does it work for keloid and stretch marks that goes to the demis layer of the skin? and does it works like... READ MORE

Skin Coloured textured Scar like shallow and deep stretch marks on legs look worse when lifted/pulled taut up?

Im a 22 year old 160 lb 5'6' white female .They are shallow dents all over my thighs, back of legs down to the back of my knee. Worse as it goes up. I... READ MORE

What treatment is best for scar after abdominoplasty?

I have asked my surgeon who has told me that there are many options out there and to look online, however any ideas would be great. I do use bio oil... READ MORE

How can I remove scars and stretch marks? What are the available remedies?

When i was 13, i have been itching. i had scabies. although i didnt scratch it. it left marks all over my thighs down to my legs. also i have... READ MORE

Which treatment is good for boil water burn patch? (photos)

I was burn by boil water in Nov 15 nd now burn skin is looking so dark nd also strach marks on it what I do to its looks normal READ MORE

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