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Vertical Surgery Scar on Stomach Possible to Remove?

Hi, I'm 17 years old. About five years ago, I had a surgery on my stomach to remove a 15-pound tumor. It left me with an embarassing vertical scar... READ MORE

Scar Revision or Liposuction After Full Tummy Tuck

How early can I have my scar lowered or get liposuction on my stomach after a full tummy tuck? I am 6 months out of surgery and unhappy with the... READ MORE

Scar Revision to Remove Vertical Scar?

I have a large vertical scar from a bowel resection I had in '07. My stomach also caves in in that area. Would a scar revision surgery make the... READ MORE

Keloid Treatment on Stomach - Will Radiation Cause Cancer?

I have large keloids on my stomach from 2001 surgery and they irritate and hurt me. I visited a dermotologist who says my only 2 options are steroids... READ MORE

Indent in lower stomach? (photos)

I have always had this indent on my lower stomach where my pants pocket and button would be, I know it's not awful but it is an insecurity of mine,... READ MORE

What Are my Options for Revising a Pyloric Stenosis Scar? My Skin over Hangs the Scar when I Flex. (photo)

26 year old male. I have a pyloric stenosis scar. The scar itself it does what really bothers me. The surgery was done well, the leaner and larger my... READ MORE

How Do I Remove Burn Scars Caused by Fat Freezing (Coolsculpting)? (photo)

When cool sculpting is introduced, I went ahead to try with aesthetic beauty clinic. During the second treatment, treatment was not done by trained... READ MORE

Which is Better FDA Approved Rejuveness or Biodermis for Tummy Tuck Scar?

I am 3 weeks post op tomorrow and my doc recommended biodermis mastopexy silicone sheet for my tummy tuck scar wit vertical scar in middle. Rejuveness... READ MORE

I Have a Large Horizontal Scar on my Stomach Above my Belly Button. What Kind of Surgery Could Help? (photo)

I was born with a tumor on my liver and through exploratory surgery, I have been left with this awful scar and want to get rid of it. What kind of... READ MORE

Plastic Surgery to Remove Indented Scar?

I have a 2 inch scar below my chest as a result of surgery when I was an infant. It is indented about .5 cm. Would plastic surgery be able to take... READ MORE

What Are The Risks of Laser Scar Revision?

I Had a Tummy Tuck a Year Ago, my Scar is High in Some Places, Sometimes it's hard to hide my scar, and in some places my scar is wide like it has... READ MORE

Getting rid of feeding tube hole on stomach?

When I was young, I had to have a feeding tube due to health reasons. I can say I had for about a couple months to a year. Now that I'm older, I still... READ MORE

How do I get rid of internal scar tissue from surgery? (Photo)

When i was about 2-5 weeks old i had 5 surgeries. 2 on both kidneys and 1 on my bladder. the scar tissue from my bladder surgery is just a HUGE lump... READ MORE

Large Scar in Stomach Area Which Was Due to Stiches of Intestinal Surgery, Removal Options?

There is a large scar in stomach area which was due to stitches of intestinal surgery. I would be very thankful if provided with suggestions that... READ MORE

Scars on Stomach From Mole Removal? (photo)

Hi, I had some moles removed on my stomach years ago and had one revision on them, some lasers and the scars still bother me. Is there anything I can... READ MORE

Stomach Scar From Operation 2 Days After Birth. Age 22 Now? (photo)

We need to eliminate the full length scar and to become symmetric with other side of the stomach with easiest way either by operation or any other... READ MORE

Which Scar Treatments Will Best Improve my (Stomach) Surgical Scars?

I have scars from 2 different procedures (I know my stretch marks are horrible too!) & I'm desperate to do something about them. The dark... READ MORE

Eczema/Scabies on Arms and Stomach?

I have horrible eczema on my arms and stomach which has now be infected by scabies! Nothing has helped with both! What should I do now?! The dark... READ MORE

Scar Revision from Colostomy As a Baby? (photo)

Scar Revision From Colostomy as a Baby? I have an indented scar from a colostomy as a baby. The scar is sensitive and ugly as well! I was wondering if... READ MORE

Diamond Wire Scalpel for Scars

Can someone recommend me a doctor in San francisco Bay Area that performs Diamond Wire, Wire Scalpel for deep scars. I have a deep scar in my stomach... READ MORE

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