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What is the Absolute Longest Stitches Should Stay in the Face?

I'm going to get two acne scars excised on a Wednesday, but I fear they may be left in too long if I have to wait until at least Monday to get... READ MORE

Ideal Stitches Removal Time?

Recently I met an accident and got hurt on my face. I have 5 stitches above my eye and 3 below. Doctor says he will remove them after 10 days. But I... READ MORE

How to Remove Stitch Impressions?

I cut my hand by blade 5 months ago. After that, the doctor stitched it and now I want to remove the stitches impression. Please suggest how it could... READ MORE

Scar Treatment After Removing Stitches

I recently had a small accident that required 9 stitches between my upper lip and nose (mustache area). The stitches were removed a week ago. In terms... READ MORE

How to Remove or Improve Facial Scar on 2 Year Old?

My 2 year old daughter fell on a toy with a sharp edge 4 weeks ago. It was deep but I didn't take her to the ER because it stopped bleeding after 5... READ MORE

What's the Quickest Way to Remove Scar from Stitches?

I had 3 stitches just under my nose and now I have a scar. As you can see in the picture, it's still red after 2 months. My doctor has prescribed... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Remove the Excess Tissue from Lip?

I had stitches removed from my upper lip 16 years ago. Underneath the upper lip there is a lump of tissue that protrudes out from under my lip. Is it... READ MORE

Want to remove stitch mark from my face. Can you tell me what treatment is best? (Photo)

I Met with an accident almost 10 years back and due to accident i got some stiches between both of my eyes. So I just want to know that is it possible... READ MORE

Stitches on Scalp?

Recently I had some stitches on my forehead (vertical) which were also extending about 1.5 inch on my scalp. Now its been a month and it has healed... READ MORE

Punch Excision on Old Chicken Pox Scars Only Created New Scars

My surgeon used a dermal punch and closed each excision with 2 stitches. I am concerned that after six months the new scars are depressed and actually... READ MORE

Scar Revision for Under Eye Scar from Accident?

Hello, I had a bike accident in May. I now have two scars now, one from about ten stitches over my eyebrow and one from an avulsion on my cheek that... READ MORE

I had a sebaceous cyst removed and the incision opened after stitches removed. What should I do? (photo)

Had a sebaceous cyst (1 cm) removed from my chest wall. Sutures were removed 8 days later. One was embedded in the skin so the incision bled a little... READ MORE

How to Remove Facial Scars from an Accident?

I had an accident in 2006. I got 11 stich marks on my face and lost some skin near the eye area. That portion is very black and still, there is no... READ MORE

Scar Revision for 7-inch Scar from Car Accident?

I have about a 7-inch scar on the underside of my forearm, do you think I would benefit from scar revision? It is from a car accident Aug. 2009. This... READ MORE

How to Remove a Stitch Scar on Eyebrow?

I got stiches many years ago above my right eybrow that and the scar runs vertically. The scar seems to have gotten more noticeable as I get older. ... READ MORE

How to Remove Indented Scars Left by Stitches?

I had eye bag surgery about 16months ago. Although it looks much better now, but now i have a scar which disturbs me. It is a very fine line, bit... READ MORE

Bio-Oil on Stitch Scars?

I got stitches on my hand for a cut 1 and a half year ago. Can I get rid of those stitch marks or atleast make them less visible with the use of... READ MORE

Stitch marks/railroad tracks?

I had a scar revision done from a botched mole removal, to remove dog ear and depressed scar. I had stitches removed day 6 and there are railroad... READ MORE

Home remedies for scar removal - stitch marks on my forehead. (photo)

Hello doctor. i have stitches mark on my forehead . i met with an accident to years back. from that time i am using hexilak silicone gel as suggested... READ MORE

Eyebrow Scar Removal and Waxing? (photo)

I recently had an accident and have to have 2 layers of stitches done on my eyebrows (one for the skin and one for the muscle) i got the stitches... READ MORE

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