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Are Steroid Injections for Keloid Scars Painful?

I read somewhere that it is painful to get steroid injections to treat keloids and sometimes it burns. Is this true? READ MORE

Options for Abdominal Surgery Scar Revision?

What options are available for scar revision or would a Mini Tummy Tuck work on my scars? I had childhood leukemia and nearly died. I had to have... READ MORE

Steroid Injections for Hard Lump Scar on the Forehead?

A year ago (July 2008), my head was lacerated while wakeboarding. It left a 2 cm scar on my forehead above my right eye. Since it has healed and... READ MORE

Reoccurring Keloids - How Can I Get Rid of Them?

I have had 3 different procedures done to stop the keloids from coming back. For the first two surgeries I had steroid injections and the third... READ MORE

Treating Dent Scar from Injection on a 2 Year Old?

My 2 year old son recently had to have a steroid injection. Several weeks later, we noticed a large indent at the injection site. Upon doing several... READ MORE

What's the best way to minimize a deep cut in the middle of the forehead just above the nose?

I am 33 and a month ago, I cut my forehead deeply. I was unable to get stitches in the remote area I was in and used a butterfly. I saw a plastic... READ MORE

Keloidal Scar Treatment -- 5fu/steroid side effects

What are the side effects from Keloidal Scar Treatment -- 5fu/steroid? Will weight gain be a problem since I need to have 3-5 steroid shots? READ MORE

Risk of a Hypertrophic Scar on Chest Becoming a Keloid with Revision?

The steroid injection did flatten the scar some but i hav how the scar is a long line about an inch long and still red and kind of wide now that its... READ MORE

Improving Appearance of Pitted Scars from Acne and Steroid Injections?

I have suffered from cystic acne for years. About 15 years ago, I found that steroid injections were the answer. However, I am now left with huge... READ MORE

How can I remove residual scarring from various wart removal treatments?

About 2 years ago I developed a small cluster of warts on my arm near my wrist. Since then, I have tried treatments varying from liquid nitrogen, to... READ MORE

Scar Revision Gone Wrong. Suggestions? (photo)

It's been 3 weeks since getting a scar revision surgery for my face scars. It did remove the scars (somewhat) but it left me with very red and thick... READ MORE

I Have Two Bulges on my Top Lip Either Side of my Cupids Bow

Scar tissue formed leaving raised area,will steroid injections work for me please help. READ MORE

About a month and a half ago I got a scratch on my face, it's still pinkish. What creams should I use?

The scratch scabbed up and fell off in a week natrually but its been pink for about a month now with slight indentation. A dermtoligist prescribed me... READ MORE

Alternative Keloid Removal Treatment for Indian Skin?

Hi, I am an Indian girl and have a keloid scar on my left cheek. It has been growing for 10 yrs, and I've tried steriod shots to no avail. Can you... READ MORE

Is this normal after intralesional kenalog injection? (photos)

Hello, I posted recently regarding a hypertrophic scar that occurred on my belly after mole removal. I just had intralesional steroids injected into... READ MORE

Having Scar Revision for Under the Crease From a Breast Augmentation

I am part Asian & experienced hypertrophic scarring (dark raised scars) under each crease from BA 2 yrs ago. Scar revision is in 2 weeks. PS is... READ MORE

I was left with a very thick, raised, ugly hypertrophic scar along the bikini line after a hysterectomy. Is this normal?

I had the scar injected 4 times with steroids at 2 week intervals and then interrupted treatment because of an emergency that prevented me to go back... READ MORE

Angular Chelitis Scar. How to Get Rid of it? (photo)

When I was 14 I developed angular chelitis and due to the moisture had recurring candida infections. The infection is non existent now but I was put... READ MORE

Accutane Related Keloid Scar

I have a keloid scar on my chest from taking Accutane about 10 years ago that I would like to get removed. I have tried steroid injections,... READ MORE

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