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Best Acne Scar Removal, Redness and Brown Spots Treatment?

If I have acne scarring, redness on my cheekbones, and some brown and red spots, what treatment should I try first to reduce the scarring? READ MORE

How can I get rid of or treat a burn mark on my face from apple cider vinegar?

I had removed a mole on my face with acv, the mole fell off and I ended up with skin irritation. I deciced to get rid off another mole, I applied acv... READ MORE

How to remove facial scar? I got from electrocauterization for milia.

I have been using opexa gel,calamine and alovera gel for past 1 month,still its not working....i have multiple scar spots over my face, I am in lot of... READ MORE

I am a black lady with spots on my legs. I am 24y now and my legs are abnormally fat.

How do I clear these spots and wat do I do about my fat legs.pls help me Doctor! READ MORE

My scrape hasn't healed in weeks, is it ok?

One day I scraped my knee on the beach and it hasnt healed yet its been already 2 weeks and it still hasnt healed,I cover it with ointment everyday to... READ MORE

How do I get rid of these "scars" and does neosporin help it? (photos)

I have oily sensitive skin and prone to acne Anyways I got acne in these spots and I thought they would go away by themselves (I normally pick at them... READ MORE

How to get rid of strawberry legs

I'm a young African American woman with pretty dry and rough skin plus I have these black dots everywhere from shaving and I'd like to know how to get... READ MORE

How do I remove a dry and old scar on my legs?

So i got this scar since 12/13 years old. It's nothing so serious but you can see a few tiny black spots on it. I want to clear those nasty thing. I... READ MORE

I have black spots on my all over body including private parts, apart from my face and neck from last 3 years(2014). (photo)

Hi, i have black spots on my all over body aprt from my face...from last 3 years(2014) it is stating from my hand and slowly 2 its increased on my all... READ MORE

Big spots of chicken pox - can you give me some useful tips to remove them?

I have a chikenpox spots since my childhood and now i am 22 years old girl and these scars looking scary please give me some home remedies to remove them. READ MORE

I have a black spot/dots on my leg - what could it be? (Photo)

Since i noticed I have these spots on both the legs from almost 2 years.. these are not paining or bleeding but legs are looking very ugly. i visited... READ MORE

How to remove block spot scars ?

Stiil 1 year came to my body more number of spots are occurring on my body and face please suggestion READ MORE

Forehead scarring options? (Photos)

I have had this scarring on my forehead for 10 years (photos attached). It was caused by repeatedly picking spots. I have tried products such as... READ MORE

Circumcision scar removal?

Hi, I was circumcised many years ago with the Gomco clamp.As part of the technique, it left me an brown ring around the penis and some spots that look... READ MORE

Hifu scarred my face. What can I do ? (photos)

Hi.I did Hifu about 8 weeks ago .and it lefts scars on my face they look like spots on a line. I did FRAXEL after 1 month BUT Its not going better .Im... READ MORE

Due to chronic urticaria & mosquito bites left black spot on body. How to remove dark black spot? (photos)

I'm 23 years old girl, have dry skin with IgE level 458 IU/ml. Suffering from chronic urticaria for about 6 years, which left black spot all over body... READ MORE

Can I Treat my Back in 8 Weeks? Had Yellow Light Laser For Scar Removal and Left With Burns?

I had few spot scars on my back, so I was adviced to get yellow light laser to get rid of those little scars, unfortunatinnately instead of treating... READ MORE

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