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I Have a Keloid on my Chest and Shoulder, and I Want Them off What Can I Do?

I have a keloid on my chest and shoulder and I wanted to,know how to get them removed...please help READ MORE

Will Silicon Products Help an Old, Deep Burn Scar?

Are silicone products, such as SCARprin, best for a burn scar? If not, what else might help this typ of scar? READ MORE

Can Surgery to Remove a Third Degree Burn Scar Cause More Complications?

When I was seven I got a third degree burn on my left shoulder that burned down to the bone. I've had surgery twice and the scar is still pretty bad.... READ MORE

Is It Possible for Keloid Removal to Result in Nearly Invisible Scar? (photo)

I have keloid scarring in my mid chest area (acne and i tried to pop them) and on the top of my right shoulder ( bike accident).. however strangely i... READ MORE

Can I remove self harm scars? (Photo)

I have scars from cutting about a year ago. Most of them are long and white, though some are raised. Most are on my shoulder, and hip. The longest is... READ MORE

Best Treatment for a Large Keloid?

Hi, I am a 20-year-old Hispanic female. I have had a large keloid on my shoulder that is about 2 inches in width, annd 4 inches in length. I have had... READ MORE

I Have a Very Painfull Keloid Scar on my Shoulderblade. Injections (With Cortisone) Don't Work. What Can I Do? (photo)

Hi doctors, I need help. The Keloid (7 years old) is really painfull and nothing has worked (injections with painkiller and cortisone have only... READ MORE

Asian female with keloid scars on shoulders and chest from accident 10 years ago, what can help? (photos)

Does anyone specialize in this? My girlfriend has a large keloid on her chest and one on each shoulder from an accident 10 years ago. She is Asian. We... READ MORE

How to Remove Keloids on Back

I have 3 keloids on my shoulders which look very ugly . i cant wear sleeveless clothes because of them . please help me . i need a way to remove them. READ MORE

I have a keloid on my shoulder and it's so itchy and stings most of the time.

My keloid is located at my left shoulder, bigger than a medical plaster, red and shiny. As I have remembered this was due to the vaccination I had... READ MORE

What are the best ways to remove a 10 year old scar with keloids? (Photo)

I'M 22 , hot tea fell on my right shoulder and neck when I was less than 2 years old. however I had a surgery on the shoulder 8 years ago, results... READ MORE

Are There Any Good Silicon Sheet to Reduce Keloids and Make Them Less Noticeable? (photo)

Hello, I'm 21 years old and I have keloids on my left shoulder blade in almost the size of a dime. I would like to know what is a good silicon sheets... READ MORE

Will my One Year Old Scar Improve? (photo)

I fell of my bike and scraped my shoulder 11 months ago. There was minor bleeding but it did turn really red and scab This is how the scar looks now.... READ MORE

How Can I Soften and Improve Keloids?

I have keloids mostly on my shoulders (hard) and on my chest (soft). It started appearing when I came to my 13th year. I've had steroid injections... READ MORE

Average Price White Acne Scars Removal on Back and Shoulders?

Thank you for your advice about extensive acne scars on back area. I have had this situation all over my shoulders for almost 10 years. I am... READ MORE

Keloid Too Big for Cryotherapy?

I have a two-inch long keloid on my shoulder from a BCG shot. Is it too large for cryotherapy? It has been treated with 3-4 steroid shots and has... READ MORE

Is Haelen Tape a Good Treatment for Small Keloids?

Hi. I have a good amount of small keloids on my chest and shoulders from having chest and back acne last summer. I am currently putting Haelen tape on... READ MORE

Scar Removal Calcification in Deltoid?

Please advise. I'd like to remove or minimize this scar, from a vaccination site on deltoid. Resulted in very hard nodule within the dermis. Have... READ MORE

I have white scars on my chest, shoulders, and back from picking. Can anything be done to diminish their appearance? (photo)

I have white scars on my chest shoulders and back from picking. Can anything be done to diminish their appearance? Or make them fade/blend? Very self... READ MORE

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