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How to get rid of red and brown ingrown hair scars underneath belly button due to shaving and picking? (photos)

A few years back I stupidly shaved the hair underneath my belly button. Fast forward, I now have ingrown hairs & red & brown ingrown hair scars that... READ MORE

Removal Options for Large Scar on Knee?

I have a large circular scar on my knee which is 10 years old. The scar is deep, takes up 1/3 of my knee and is from an unhappy period in my life. I... READ MORE

Help! How to remove dark scars from shaving on African American skin - Bikini area. (photos)

I haven't shaved in a while because I wanted to know if I obtained the scars from shaving. And I realized only when I shave the scars appear. I stated... READ MORE

How can I clear horrible shaving bump scars and ingrown hairs? (photos)

I started shaving when I was young and now I'm left with there horrible scars and i don't know how to clear them, I want to be sexually active but I'm... READ MORE

How Can I Remove Scars on Chin and Neck from Shaving and Plucking?

I have scars on my chin and neck from plucking and shaving ( I am african american). Is there a way to remove the scarring on my neck and chin? I have... READ MORE

Brown Spot After a Cut? (photo)

A year ago I cut my leg with a razor, fortunately it didn't leave a scar but in its place appeared a brown mark. I have tried many skin lightening... READ MORE

Horrible scar and ingrown hairs; is it possible to treat this anyhow? (Photo)

I have this horrible scar and ingrown hairs . I cant even wear shorts due to it. is it possible to treat this anyhow. I used to shave and pick a lot and. READ MORE

Is shaving off keloids an effective method as long as injections are the follow up for 3-4 months?

I've had my keloid for about 6 years. It's a little smaller then a pea. I've been getting injections for the last 3 months and have noticed a little... READ MORE

I have an indented shave biopsy scar on my face. What would you recommend to flatten my scar? (photos)

I had a shave biopsy done on my face a month ago. The dermatologist decided to perform a deep shave despite me asking for a very shallow one. She also... READ MORE

What type of surgery or cream should I get to remove these scars and bumps from shaving? (Photo)

I have these really bad scars from shaving down there and I want them to go away. I feel so uncomfortable and embarrassed especially when I wear a... READ MORE

What treatment would you recommend for my scars on legs from years of picking?

I've suffered with this issue for over 15 years now. I'm 25 now. It's been one of the hardest most embarrassing things I've had to go through in my... READ MORE

How to get rid of strawberry legs

I'm a young African American woman with pretty dry and rough skin plus I have these black dots everywhere from shaving and I'd like to know how to get... READ MORE

How do I get rid of these black scars on my leg? (photos)

I have these scars on my left leg. It started as one small scar from shaving then I tried to pick on it then it has gotten bigger and has multiplied.... READ MORE

Very deep scars. Please help (Photo)

I am a 27 years old female. I had these scars on my mons area since forever. They are from shaving. I hurted myself very badly that I would scrape the... READ MORE

I have light scar marks on my vaginal area from continuous shaving & I'd like to know how to get rid of them... (Photo)

Everytime I shave I feel like it's getting worse & I've tried bio oil but no results this is so embarrassing I want this gone idk what to do I've had... READ MORE

I have problems with keloids on my face caused by shaving,what must do to remove it & what are the cons of doing that? (photo)

I have problems with keloids in my face that was caused by shaving and i even tried to cut it using nail cut, it started to grow after that. I am... READ MORE

Disgusting scars from ingrown hairs from shaving bikini line. How can I get rid of them? (Photo)

I have scarring all over both sides of my bikini line. I started getting them when I was around 15 and started shaving. I have seen a doctor because I... READ MORE

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