Self-esteem + Scar Removal

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Cyst Removal Scar - Can It Be Fixed?

I Had a Cyst Growing Inside my Leg over 25 Yrs Ago As a Result I Had Surgery at the Age of 4, Which Left Me a Ugly Moonshape scar that you can... READ MORE

Fraxel or Profractional Treatment for Thin, White Scars?

I'm a 20 year old female and a couple of years ago damaged by left thigh by using a razor. There are approximately 10 thin scars scattered across my... READ MORE

I'm a 14 year old white female. How I can get rid of these scars on my legs? (Photo)

Will they ever go away? I have them all over. They're from insect bites and falling off my bike, I've tried vitamin e and over the counter scar... READ MORE

What is the best way to remove leg scars/pigmentation? (Photo)

I have leg lipo scars that have healed correctly, I believe. However, the surrounding skin around my scars are hyperpigmented. I also have scars from... READ MORE

Any ideas on how to get rid of this scar on my leg? (Photo)

About 3 years ago i cut my leg while shaving and it turned into a cut which i would pick, its left me with this horrible scar and it really lowers my... READ MORE

Is there any treatment for chicken pox scars? (photos)

Since I was 3 I've had these awful chickenpox scars all over my face which also caused a lot of bullying in school and low self esteem growing up. Now... READ MORE

Can I get this scar worked on to make my chest look normal? (photos)

This scar has affected my self esteem greatly all throughout my life and just wondered if this is normal for a scar to cause this sort of long term... READ MORE

How do I fix this scar on my face?

I had deep laser fx surgery on the scar an a kenalog shot to flatten the scar. I had gotten this scar from a headbutt in a domestic violence... READ MORE

I got my chicken pox scar when I was 11 years old and now I am 39. It was almost 3 decades past. What should I do? (photo)

I wanna get rid of my scar cause it lowered down my self esteem for the past years. What is the cheapest way? Please help me. Thank you so much. READ MORE

How can these chicken pox scars be removed? (photos)

Approximately 7 years ago I got chicken pox and these raised scars developed mainly on my breasts and chest area. They never went away. How can I get... READ MORE

How do I get rid of these dark spots on my legs?

I'm 16yrs old and I live in the Caribbean, we have a lot of mosquitoes here. Over the years I developed scars from the bites and I need to know what... READ MORE

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