Second-degree Burn + Scar Removal

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What is the Best Treatment to Eliminate 2nd-degree Burn Scarring on the Face?

Any that has little or no downtime? I have a follow-up appointment for 2nd degree burn facial scars in two weeks with a well known board certified... READ MORE

Will skin color come back to normal by itself? (photos)

I was burnt at a bonfire early January and I had second degree burns. They healed over this time and didn't scar but, I have discoloration on my skin.... READ MORE

Post burn care. Any suggestions? (photos)

6 weeks post hot oil burn 2nd degree deep dermal. What else can I do to minimize permanent scarring and discoloration? I don't know what to expect... READ MORE

I got second degree burn on my neck and arms. Is there any remedy to remove it?

It has been seven months! Now i got a thick layer of skin on my neck and arms! Is there any remedy to remove it? READ MORE

How can I fade burn scars & how long does it usually take to fade & completely heal? What can I do to help improve it? (Photos)

A month & 2 weeks ago I had a cyst growing under my skin and I decided to do a hot compress on it. boiled an egg, wrapped in tissue and placed it... READ MORE

I got 2nd degree burns on my thighs. Is there anything I can do to help my skin go back to normal?

I was burnt with boiling water in August 2015 on my thighs and I'm concerned about my skin not healing back to its original appearance, is there... READ MORE

How to treat a 2nd degree bottom of foot burn after 2 weeks? Quickest way possible.

13 days ago I stepped on a dirt bike muffler and burned the bottom of my left foot. The next day it turned into a bubble/blister about 3 inches, but i... READ MORE

I burnt myself with hot kettle water a few weeks ago. How long will it take for the scar to go, or how can I make it go? (Photo)

I burnt myself with a cup of hot tea a couple of weeks ago. I think it's a second degree burn. I've been moisturising and I just want the scar to go I... READ MORE

1st/2nd degree burn from TheraFlu; how do I get rid of the burn scar? (Photo)

I had a cup of TheraFlu between my legs and it accidentally spilled on my bed while I was still sitting on it and I had got burned on my left butt... READ MORE

What is treatment for second degree burn ?

Its ..wet shiny nd red also pain occure .Burn on chest by hot tea. READ MORE

I have a second degree burn wound on my foot. l spilled boiling milk. Doctor is treating wid soframycin. Any suggestion?

Does a second degree burn leave burn is five days old .wat shud i do that it doesnt leave a scar. READ MORE

Treatment for Second Degree Burn Scar on Breast? (photo)

I have a 2nd degree burn on my breast ( I know what a great place ,right??) And right after i treated it with medurma for 6 months and it did lessen... READ MORE

I have a 2nd degree burn to my cheek. 1 month old. How long it will stay pink? Can I start: Peels? Lasers? Needling... (photos)

Initially I used and antibiotic cream and kept it very moist until it healed (it healed within 2 weeks), now that it is healed I am using vitamin e... READ MORE

Several years ago I received 2nd degree burns to my face and hands causing darkened areas. Any suggestions?

I now have large patches of darkened skin on my face from the burns. Is there anything I can do to fade this pigmentation? I tend to break out when... READ MORE

How can I get rid of the fresh scars from second degree burns? (photos)

How can I get rid of d fresh scars on my neck/chest please I need help READ MORE

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