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Hyper Pigmented Scars; am I Going in the Right Direction for Treatment? (photo)

Hello Doctors, Over 15 years, due to dermatillomania, I scratched my wounds and created skin deep hyperpigmented scars. I'm under a scar removal... READ MORE

How Do I Remove These Deep Leg Scars That Have Been Around for 5 Years Now? (photo)

I have scars on both my legs. The scars were caused by scratching mosquito bites when I was young, and now they have become so bad and dark. The scars... READ MORE

How to Remove Old Nail Scars on Face?

I am 20 year old and i have some old nail scars on my face so help me out give me some way so that i can walk on that way. READ MORE

How to get rid of scar due to scratches and insects bite? (photo)

I have mosquito bites and scratches scar all over my leg since I have known my self I have tried skin bleaching and it only lightened my skin leaving... READ MORE

How to prevent cat scratch from scarring and how to get rid of old scars?

I have lots of cat scratch scar and some of them became keloeds. How can i treat them..and how can i trrat freash wound? READ MORE

My daughters face was scratched by fingernails in several places on her cheek. What would you recommend for Scar removal?

A year later the marks are still visible. She has pale skin and they show up bad when she is flushed. What treatments are available to improve there... READ MORE

What is Your Recommendations for Cat Scratch on Upper Lip on Toddler? Injury Occurred 3 Weeks Ago. (photo)

3 weeks ago, my toddler was scratched by a cat on the upper lip. We immediately took her to a plastic surgeon who advised against sutures because he... READ MORE

How to get rid of cat scratch marks and dark marks on my leg?

. I'm a girl and very self conscious about my arms and legs, it's so horrible having scratch marks all over your body. I want to have beautiful arms... READ MORE

Can I get rid of 1 year old scars on my legs from ingrowing hairs and scratching?

I have spot scars all over my legs where I have removed in growing hair and by scratching. Some are pink and some are darker. Is there anything that... READ MORE

My sister scratched me many times on my face with her nails. Please suggest me a way to get rid of it (Photo)

I have to get rid of them as soon as possible because I am a school student and everything on face is visible. It has very deep marks READ MORE

How to remove nail scratch or scars from face ? (photos)

Is there any ointment or any medicine for this. I kept dettol , and olive oil on that. Should i continue with this please help me to get rid of this... READ MORE

How to get rid of old nail scratches from my face? (Photo)

I had this nail scratches since I was the age of 6. My old neighbor would scratch my face when we had "little girls arguments". Since then I feel like... READ MORE

I have this scar on my forehead. That I got from scratching a bump off my head. What treatment would you recommend? (photo)

I don't know if it was a pimple or a bruise. Is there a type a medicine I can take or maybe a cream or something that can fade or get rid of the... READ MORE

How Can I Remove Facial Scratches: Medication or Other Treatment?

Hello docter i have scratches on my face my brother and cousin scratched it with finger nail in childhood and now i am 17.9 years old but scratch did... READ MORE

How can I get rid of these scars?

I have a ton of medium scars all over both my legs front and back but front is worse. When i was younger my legs were extremely itchy and i scratched... READ MORE

How do I remove scares due to nail scratches on neck?

Been in a abuse relationship and have a lot of scares due to fights. Nail scratches READ MORE

How Can I Remove my Scars in my Butt?

When i was in highschool, i was accidentally scratch it, i used different scars removal cream but it useless. i dont know what to do to remove it. READ MORE

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