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Can Silicone Gel Pads Flatten Raised Scar Tissue?

I have a scar on my chin. I had skin cancer removed. The scar looks to have stretched a litle in the middle and the sides are raised a little making... READ MORE

Can I Get Rid of my Cheek Piercing Scar?

I had my cheeks pierced for a year and took them out Jan 1 of this year. I used vitamin e for about a month and since have been using mederma they... READ MORE

Removing Lump of Internal Scar Tissue

Hi, I have some internal scare tissue on my chin. The outside of my chin looks ok but there is a lump of semi hard tissue underneath my skin that I'd... READ MORE

How to Reduce Scar Tissue on Lip?

I had a growth removed from the inside of my lower lip. I have now developed a hard scar tissue on my lower bottom lip. Is there anything I can do... READ MORE

Healed Lip Laceration Resulted in Bump on Inside of Lip, Should I Get It Removed?

I recently fell and hurt my bottom lip. I had a semi deep laceration; I did not get stitches. The swelling went away and the actual laceration healed... READ MORE

Lip Line Scar Treatment Options

I collided with my friends Golden Retriever (don't ask) And it put my teeth through my bottom lip. I have a large ball of scar tissue on the inside,... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Remove the Excess Tissue from Lip?

I had stitches removed from my upper lip 16 years ago. Underneath the upper lip there is a lump of tissue that protrudes out from under my lip. Is it... READ MORE

Injecting Fat Graft Effects on Scar Tissue

What are the effects of injecting fat graft into a scar tissue? I have heard that fat is being used to treat wounds and scars. READ MORE

Risks of Tissue Growth Removal from Inside the Lip?

I have some tissue growth inside my lip. My oral surgeon said it is probably caused by biting on lip many times and/or aggravated by my dental... READ MORE

Steroid Injections for Hard Lump Scar on the Forehead?

A year ago (July 2008), my head was lacerated while wakeboarding. It left a 2 cm scar on my forehead above my right eye. Since it has healed and... READ MORE

Liquid Nitrogen for Keloid Treatment?

I've been doing research regarding keloid scars. I have heard of injecting Liquid Nitrogen-scar surface is minimally injured while only the deep scar... READ MORE

Reducing Hypertrophic Scar from Open Heart Surgery?

I had open heart surgery due to accident not internal problems. A hypertrophic scar formed in the middle of scar; it formed fine then turned flat and... READ MORE

Will Insurance Cover Keloid Removal from C-section?

My scar tissue has become very painful over the past 5 years causing severe back and abdominal pain due to scar tissue.Would this be considered... READ MORE

Can Reconstructive Surgery Improve Scar Tissue on Lips?

Four months ago, I tore my upper lip. The emergency doc said, "Lips heal by themselves". My lip did "heal", but there's a thick... READ MORE

Scar Tissue Removal After Tendon Repair to Index Finger

Scar tissue formed and prevented bending of the finger, so I had scar tissue removed from the knuckle and bottom of finger 4 months later. A year... READ MORE

Fruit to Fix Scars?

I've heard some people talk about papaya and pineapple being helpful is healing scars (and other body abrasions). Is there any science behind... READ MORE

How Soon After a Breast Lift is Laser Scar Removal Ideal?

ALSO during the process of removing the scars, would this include scar tissue around the areolas? READ MORE

What Can Dissolve Subcutaneous Scar Tissue?

I had an accident 5 years ago that resulted in stitches on my forehead. There is still leftover scar tissue underneath my skin. I don't want further... READ MORE

Removing Scar Tissue Under the Eyebrow Skin

I had a car accident a long time ago. I was cut on the eyebrow; the scar tissue under the skin raises my eyelid out of symmetry. Is there cosmetic... READ MORE

Ointment or Injections for Scar Tissue?

Is kenalog ointment as effective to reduce scar tissue post-op as kenalog injections? READ MORE

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