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What Results Can I Expect from Scar Revision Surgery?

I had a botched surgery that left me with horrible scars around my face and ears. Is scar revision surgery my only option for improving the scars? Are... READ MORE

Stitch marks/railroad tracks?

I had a scar revision done from a botched mole removal, to remove dog ear and depressed scar. I had stitches removed day 6 and there are railroad... READ MORE

Fruit to Fix Scars?

I've heard some people talk about papaya and pineapple being helpful is healing scars (and other body abrasions). Is there any science behind... READ MORE

C-Section Scar Revision- What's The Cost? Is Surgery My Only Option?

I have a C-Section scar that is crooked, too high and is indented in some areas. Im 5'3" & 105 lbs. The scar is now 9 mon old. Its very... READ MORE

UPPER LIP SCAR REVISION: WHAT CAN BE DONE? My upper lip scarred after a burn. Cortisone shots did not improve the scar. (photos)

I went to a plastic surgeon for a consultation. The biggest part of the ( burn) scar is approximately in the middle of my upper lip. The rest of the... READ MORE

Is Scar Revision an Option to Improve 24-year-old Gastroschisis Scar? (photo)

I was born in 1989 with gastroschisis - a birth defect that compromised the development of my abdominal wall. Is scar revision an option for me? When... READ MORE

What can be done for a cosmetic defect of the buttocks donor site from a full-thickness skin graft? (photo)

Several years ago I had 2 full-thickness skin grafts both taken from under my buttocks for scar revision elsewhere on my body. From what I know of... READ MORE

What is serial excision?

Hi, I had never heard of this scar revision technique before but have just come across it and it is of some interest to me. I have researched it but... READ MORE

What is the best treatment for old self harm scars? Considering CO2 Laser,Fraxel Laser&Dermaroller. & what about surgical scars?

I have a number of old (10+ yrs) white &slightly raised hypertrophic scars on my arms.I am currently using an at home Derma-roller every few... READ MORE

Scar revision after melanoma in situ surgery? (photos)

I had a melanoma in situ removed from my jawline almost 3 months ago. The area that it was removed did not have a lot of tissue to begin with and now... READ MORE

Professional Dancer With A Scar. Desire Scar Revision? (photo)

Hello! I am desiring Scar Revision from a 28 year-old transverse scar on my abdomen. I had Bowel Disease called Necrotizing Enterocolitis as a... READ MORE

Will this blood clot beneath the skin eventually go away? (photos)

I had scar revision surgery a few weeks ago. The scar itself is better than I had ever imagined it to be. Now the bruising is left. I know that will... READ MORE

How long will it take for the swelling after scar revision surgery to go away?

I had a scar revision surgery a week ago for a scar on my chin. The swelling is still very prominent. How long will it take for the swelling to... READ MORE

Cortisone kenalog injection for scar tissue fibrosis

I have developed really thick internal fibrosis after 2 scar revision on my forehead. The second surgery was meant to remove the fibrosis lump but the... READ MORE

3-yr-old daughter's gash on her forehead was repaired in the E.R. but after healing, the scar is wide and looks terrible (Photo)

My 3-yr-old daughter's pediatrician sent her to the E.R. for a repair of a gash on her forehead.The on-duty physician said there was no need to use a... READ MORE

I had a c-section/hysterectomy due to placenta accreta. What steps do I take to remove this unsightly incision/scar? (photo)

How soon after surgery should I begin to actively try and get rid of the scar from incision for best results? What kind of procedure would get rid of... READ MORE

Can Brachioplasty (Arm Lift) Scars (Incisions) Be Moved Several Years After Surgery?

My P/S admitted after my surgery that he had only done one other brachioplasty before. He placed the incisions on the middle back of my arms from the... READ MORE

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