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Is It Okay for Me to Remove my Keloids While Pregnant?

I have two small keloids on my ear that I badly want removed, but do not have enough money at the moment to surgically remove. Two of my friends... READ MORE

Keloid removal from breast? (photos)

I have developed a large painful keloid on my breast after the removal of a cyst.. The position of the keloid makes it difficult for me to wear a bra.... READ MORE

I applied apple cider vinegar of my keloids. Can apple cider vinegar safely heal keloids? (Photo)

I applied apple cider vinegar of my keloids. Can apple cider vinegar safe to healed keloids? I attached some photos. This was happen after I put apple... READ MORE

I want to know the safest & best option to revise this scar? (photos)

I have this scar on my chin. I want this scar pulled under my chin. How much would the average cost be in Las vegas ?? READ MORE

Steroid shot for my raised scar near an eye? (photos)

I got this scar in 2011, and got 2ablative fraxel lasers and 1 non ablative fraxel laser in this year. It look better but there is a still raised hard... READ MORE

Is subcision safe on a 2 year old?

My daughter has an atrophic mark on her cheek and it's over a year and I applied cicatrix with combustion of kojic cream to improve it but it's still... READ MORE

Does zinc oxide cream work for post acne marks? What strength is safe and best? (Photo)

I want to get rid if my red marks fast. I posted a Q earlier but no answer to that. I hope iget a reply this time. What percentage is safe and best in... READ MORE

What can be done about the vertical scar on my abdomen? Are these alternatives safe? (photos)

I had a surgery when i was born because of a collpased organ. The scar is now about 5 inches long. It causes a big depression and really bothers me. I... READ MORE

Is it safe to remove surgically a earlobe keloid? (Photo)

I am a fifteen year old female and I have had this earlobe keloid for about a year, I really want to do a earlobe surgery to remove it but it it safe?... READ MORE

Can stitch scars be removed completely? (Photo)

M 25... got stitched up my chin when i was 13... any safe procedure to remove it completely? READ MORE

Skin bleaching cream safety on surgical scars?

I am a 57 year old Black female with hyper pigmented scars one year after a tummy tuck and breast lift. Is it detrimental to use skin bleaching creams... READ MORE

Chest Keloids Kenalog Injections. Any suggestions?

I'm a 21 y/o M who has suffered from chest keloids since age 14 (due to acne). For the past 2 years I've been receiving kenalog injections approx.... READ MORE

How to get rid of dark spots from mosquito bites for 4mos old baby. (photos)

I have a serious problem with my daughters skn right now. Mosquitos and some insect like ants love bitting her even I cover her with mosquito net.i... READ MORE

Scar Treatment Product That is Safe to Use Near the Eye?

I have a depressed scar extending from the outer corner of my eye after a blepharoplasty. Scar revision surgery did not help (the skin was pulled too... READ MORE

How can safety pin scars be removed? (photos)

I wrote on my upper arm with a safety pin when I was 15. I wrote Four letters, and when they healed and started to lighten I refreshed them to make... READ MORE

How to remove a scar on face which is caused because of scratch?

Hi! One day ago ,my face was rubbed against road because of an accident.It had left a black scratch just below my left eye,will it leave a scar? How... READ MORE

I'm 14 yrs old and have two scars on my forehead. Is it safe for me to do Laser Scar Removal?

Im 14 i have two scars on my forehead. The first one i got it in a terrible car accident!! its circular and its 8 stitches above my left eyebrow (3... READ MORE

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