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Best Treatment for Rough Skin, Acne Scars and Enlarged Pores?

I have a very rough skin texture with enlarged, damaged pores, fine lines and acne scars (rolling scars or dents, that are quite shallow), which are... READ MORE

Saline Subcision Vs. Traditional Subcision?

What are the advantages of one over the other? Which one is more effective for depressed, rolling acne scars? READ MORE

Best Treatment for All Types of Scars?

Hi, I'm a 30-year old from the Philippines. I am really eager to know what is the best treatment for all types of scars? I had 2 TCA Cross Method... READ MORE

Subcision and Sculptra on Non-scarred Tissue?

I have rolling and ice pick scars on the face. My doctor recommends subcision and Sculptra on the whole face rather than spot-treat each scar. What... READ MORE

Most Effective/ Aggressive Course of Treatment for Rolling Scars

I've already undergone two full face dermabrasion sessions a year of healing time in between the two, over 3 years ago. My scarring would be... READ MORE

Various Types of Scars-What Should I Use Phenol Peel or Surgery or Injections? (photo)

Used Accutane in past. It left me with huge, tissue thin weeping pustules on cheeks. Now have pitted scars, rolling scars, probably box scars, and V.... READ MORE

Would subcision work well for these rolling scars on forehead? (photos)

Would subcision work for these rolling scars on the forehead? I've heard that there can be nerve complications within this area. Just how risky is it... READ MORE

Will silicone gel help with a depressed scar?

I recently acquired a somewhat depressed rolling scar from a mole removal. It's been about a month and the scar is still fairly red. My derm told me... READ MORE

What can I do to get rid of these scars? (Photo)

I don't know if these are ice pick scars or rolling box scars. So far I've had 2 fractional laser treatments, 1 chemical peel, and 1 microdermabrasion... READ MORE

I got a little bit of pitting, boxcar and rolling scars all in one cheek. How much is it to remove them completely? (Photo)

I only got scaring one one cheek which is my right cheek .. not so much on the left side and wanted to know how much is it to remove them completely... READ MORE

What is the best way to treat rolling scar? (Photos)

I met with a doctor and he said, I have rolling scars (on my cheeks). What would be the best treatment to treat them ? READ MORE

Ice pick and rolling scar treatment suggestions? How can I obtain smooth skin? Please help! (photos)

Ive been so self conscious about my scars and large pores. Does anyone have suggestions on trearments and the likelihood that they will work? I've... READ MORE

I was wondering what sort of treatment would I require? (Photos)

I have box-scars, rolling and ice-pick scars. I am not sure if I have enlarged pores or are they just ice-pick scarring . If so I would like to treat... READ MORE

What type of scars are mine? (Photo)

I'd been told that I have all sorts of scarring( ice pick, rolling, box car) , but I see predominantly ice pick scarring and some rolling? Trying to... READ MORE

Does dermal graft work for deep rolling scars and boxcar scars?

18year boy with Asian skin,I have some deep rolling scars and boxcar scars with active doctor always recommend a chemical peel for these deep... READ MORE

How to Get Rid of Shiny Scars?

I use to have rolling scars and box scars 4 in total. I have silicon micro drops injection and the scarring are pretty much level up with the rest of... READ MORE

Subcision problems! Please help! Any advice.

Subcision for a rolling scar on my cheek swollen and bruise for 2 weeks. Asprerated x3 times to remove the blood. There is still a pool of tissue or... READ MORE

What treatment should I get? (Photo)

I need some advice on the right treatment. I have one acne scar, I think rolling scar, in-between my eyebrows. I also have a nose piercing scar which... READ MORE

How can my two scars be improved? Are you in europe and believe you could do it? (Photos)

I have two scars, one on the left and one on the right side of my nose. 1. Scar one, 8 years old, from a mole removal with a tweezers.It is atrophic (... READ MORE

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