Regrowth + Scar Removal

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Can I regrow hair on a large childhood scar on my scalp? It bothers me and is very noticeable. (photo)

Is there any at-home remedy? I have a pharmacopoeia of essential oils and herbs. Thanks. Anything helps READ MORE

How to Prevent Fibrous Papules on my Nose from Growing Back?

Hi there, im a 22 yr old Asian, and have undergone my 2nd electrocautery to remove the fibrous scars on my nose (For cosmetic reasons).. However, i am... READ MORE

Scar Removal on the Scalp

I have a scar that I got surgically as a child. It from one ear to the top of the head to the other ear. Is there a way to regrow hair in that area or... READ MORE

How Successful is Keloid Removal, What are Chances of it Returning? (photo)

I have a keloid on my ankle that has been there for about ten years or so. It is the size of a quarter. I have heard about keloids resurfacing after... READ MORE

Can a Keloid Grow Back if Your Still Growing?

My doctor said if they cut off it will grow back even larger so i want to know if i use the rubber band method will it grow back larger to and my... READ MORE

I had a keloid removed and got radiation, it still grew back. What to do? (photo)

I had a keloid removed (twice) on my chest and got radiation both times. It has grown back on the one side and is very tender and painful. Steroid... READ MORE

Can I re-pierce my ears after successful keloid removal?

Pierced my ears (using a gun) in 2008. Developed peasized keloids behind my earlobes 1yr later & had them surgically removed in 2010. (also had... READ MORE

When a Keloid is removed and comes back, will it always come back bigger?

I just got my Keloid removed with a CO2 laser and am wearing a pressure earring on it, worried it is going to come back It's on my upper ear Should I... READ MORE

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