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Oil & moisurizers and scar removal creams....(photo)

So many products to choose from. What can/should I use following my breast reduction and when can I start using them? I am 1 week out from my surgery.... READ MORE

Wondering if there are ways in removing this scar? (Photo)

Hi, im interested in getting a forehead reduction... However im afraid of the slight chance that i might go bald(doesnt look like it, but just to be... READ MORE

What would you recommend for scar reduction post tummy tuck? (photos)

I used to weigh 110 kgs. I lost 30kgs on my own but had hanging belly & couldn't lose further. In Sep 2013, I underwent micro tummy tuck & liposuction... READ MORE

Scar reduction surgery 6 months ago? (photo)

Hello i had a scar reduction surgery for my left nipple 6 months and my question is that how long does it take to heal and doest it look normal ? this... READ MORE

I have discolored, hypertrophic scars on my nose. Some are small, flat and not discolored. What can I do?

Will silicone gel sheets help hypertrophic scars? I have quite bit on my nose. I have something huge coming within a month and need them reduced. At... READ MORE

What would you recommend for facial scar appearance reduction on man?

I did a single IPL in Bali earlier this year and the reason I investigated it was to reduce the appearance of a few very visible facial scars. IPL... READ MORE

How can I reduce scarring on my hand? (photo)

Hi There. I cut/scraped my hand when pulling a cage at work. I just let the deep wound heal by itself which took a few weeks. Didn't realise it would... READ MORE

Follow-up. I asked about scars. Please Drs.Try to help

Dr William Rassman ,you told me to revise doctor but actually I did and they told me u can wait till end of two years .I want your point of view and... READ MORE

Is there anything I can do to keep the scarring to a minimum when stitches are removed? Or get rid of it completely? (photos)

I have a through and through cut from a car accident. The cut goes from my upper lip into the top across the border of my lip.. I am very nervous... READ MORE

Can I have advice on lip reduction and scar removal? (Photo)

I am 19 years old looking to get a lip reduction for my upper lip and maybe lower rip. I want to get this personally, but want to know from a doctor... READ MORE

Is it possible for me to have a scar reduced in size or removed on my stomach that has been there for 10-15 years?

I was born with omphalocele back in 2000 and I was wondering if it will be possible to reduce the size of the scar. It does connect to the belly... READ MORE

Scar removal/reduction for minor burns? (Photo)

Hi there, I have large patches of scars on both of my legs from burns. These were the result of hot metal applied directly to the skin. Some were deep... READ MORE

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