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Doctor Recommended Scar Cream?

What scar cream or product would you lovely doctors on realself recommend? Anything out there that actually works to reduce the size, thickness,... READ MORE

Hot Water and Pressure to Reduce a Keloid?

If I apply hot water and pressure to a developing keloid scar, will it reduce the scar? READ MORE

What is the Best Option for Keloid Scar Removal?

I have scars from a breast augmentation several years ago. After some research, I have found that they may be called keloid scars. What is the best... READ MORE

How to Get Rid of Scar from Skin Ulcer?

I have a dark scar on my lower leg about 2x3 inches from a skin ulcer. Is there any way to get rid of it or at least reduce the appearance of it greatly? READ MORE

How to Reduce Scar from Surgery Incision on Abdomen?

I had two surgery for stricture in the intestine which later turned out to be Crohn's disease and hence unnecessary.  Now have one big horizonal... READ MORE

Yesterday afternoon, while waxing my face, my skin came off, how to reduce the scar? (photos)

Yesterday afternoon, while waxing my face, my skin came off, I immediately applyd cold milk, and ran to buy aloe vera gel,, but I want to knw will the... READ MORE

Silicone Sheets for Raised Red Scar from BCG Injection?

Hi, I am a 36-year-old Asian male who had BCG injection when I was a child. The injection left me with a raised red scar that stretches about 3 inches... READ MORE

Most Effective Way to Reduce Facial Scar?

What is the most effective method to permanently reduce the appearance of a facial scar? READ MORE

Can Vertical Scar on Lip Be Removed?

I have a vertical scar that starts on my lip and stops about an inch above it. It goes inwards and I have had it since I was 6 years old. Is it... READ MORE

Scar Removal For Leg Wound

So I was accidentally scalded by hot melted plastic when I was about 6 yrs. old. I'm 20 yrs. old now and I still have scarring on my lower leg.... READ MORE

How Do I Best Treat a Bite Mark to Face (photo)?

I was bitten by a friends dog 4 weeks ago and my scar is still really raised, the area swollen and quite hard and sometimes sore. I've been told to... READ MORE

How long will it take for the swelling after scar revision surgery to go away?

I had a scar revision surgery a week ago for a scar on my chin. The swelling is still very prominent. How long will it take for the swelling to... READ MORE

I was wondering if Doctors have been using Acell/Matristem for surgical incisions to reduce scarring?

Hello. Several years ago, I heard about Acell Matristem that would grow back tissue and even organs. If it actually works as they say, would it work... READ MORE

How do I reduce the size or clear away a keloid naturally? (Photo)

Hi. I'm a 15 year old girl and I've gotten my industrial bar last May. It was fully healed by the time football season came around and I had to take... READ MORE

Can scaring due to skin grafting & flap surgery be reduced or removed? (photo)

I have scaring in my arm due to an old injury. I've had a skin graft and a flap surgery done in order to cover the injured area but that left me with... READ MORE

How can remove or reduce the appearance of these scars? (Photo)

I've had recurring staph infections on my legs and they've left about 20-30 of these dark scars. What is the best way remove or at the very least... READ MORE

What would you recommend to reduce or remove scar I had for 17 years? (photos)

Hello I was e-mailing to ask you is there a way I can reduce or remove this scar with a special cream. I had this scar for my whole life from a... READ MORE

3 months post op, how can I fill in the scar left after a mole removal?

Three months ago i had a mole removed from my cheek near my nose. It healed and now I'm left with a pinkish depression where it was. Is there anything... READ MORE

What can I do to reduce the appearance of the scar left from a mole removal?

Three weeks ago i had a mole removed from my cheek near my nose. It was excised then cauterized. Its healing well I kept it covered with a bandage and... READ MORE

I have lots of scars on my abdomen from Laparotomy and trama. Is there a treatment that can reduce or remove them? (photo)

HiI have a lot of scars after numerous incisions in my abdomen, laparotomy etc from trauma.Can these scars be lessened in any way? (Picture... READ MORE

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