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How to Get Rid of a Red Mark on my Nose? (photo)

Hi, Ive got a raised red mark on my nose. Ive had it for about 3 years from acne. Whats the best way to get rid of it? Ive just started using Bio oil... READ MORE

How to get rid of new chicken pox scars.

Hi! I am 21 yrs old I just recovered from chicken pox , all my scabs have fallen off leaving red scars on my face and do I het rid of den... READ MORE

I have very light red marks from previous burns. How can I remove them? (photos)

I have very light red marks on my skin from burns (curling iron) about a year ago. They have faded but are still there. I also have a red birthmark.... READ MORE

How can I treat these red pierced scars on face? (photo)

I was suffering from clogged and inflammed pores (folliculitis) and some acne for over a year. All the bumps have gone but left me with these big open... READ MORE

What is the typical healing process for shave biopsy? Will I have a permanent scar? (Photo)

I had a shave biopsy 4 weeks ago that came back negative, I did not know this could cause a scar. After 4 weeks I still have a red mark that looks... READ MORE

Is this mark on my lower lip just a scar from biting my lip or is it more serious? (Photos)

I've had this red mark on my lower lip for about 2 months (it hasn't changed in appearance that I can see). It looks like a cut that is not healing,... READ MORE

I Burned the Edge of my Lip and Part of my Cheek a Week Ago Just Wondering if the Red Mark on my Cheek is Permanent? (photo)

The red mark is about three centimeters long and clearly visible when I look in the mirror. A scab formed on the edge of my lip after three days,... READ MORE

Is there any cream or therapy to remove the scar? (photos)

Hello, My sister Dana had a red marknon her face since she was born. Now she is 12 year old and she had a laser therapy for the red mark. She get hit... READ MORE

i have stitch marks on my forehead due to accident. Can they be removed?

I met wid an accident in 2012 jan and had 13 stitch on my forehead its marks r so embarssing ...and i hv consult a dermatologist got 1 setup of laser... READ MORE

How to clear all the red marks on my face? (Photo)

There is red marks on my face and some is deep.How can I treat it?what is it? READ MORE

i burned my arm with oil two week ago and left with a scar.

I burned my arm with oil two weeks ago and there was a scab that acciently got picked now there is a red mark or scar can you tell me any cream/... READ MORE

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