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Punch Excision on Old Chicken Pox Scars Only Created New Scars

My surgeon used a dermal punch and closed each excision with 2 stitches. I am concerned that after six months the new scars are depressed and actually... READ MORE

How to Fix Deep Facial Depression Left by Punch Biopsy? (photo)

I went to a dermatologists to see if they could recommend anything to 100% fix the depressions in my faceThey highly recommended the punch biopsy, and... READ MORE

I Just Got Scar Revision (Punch Excision) for an Icepick Scar, but Now my Scar is Raised. What Now?

I was told that punch excision plus dermabrasion would help a few of my icepick and boxcar scars. i had one scar done and now my scar is raised and... READ MORE

Can Punch Excision Surgery Be Used to Treat a Lip Piercing Scar?

I have a scar that looks like a hole in my middle lower lip from a lip piercing. The hole is right below the vermillion line. I was wondering if punch... READ MORE

TCA Cross or Punch Excision for deep cheek scar? (photo)

What would you do? 3 PS, 3 different answers. 2 of 3 said an excision will fail but the other one says it's a piece of cake. Not sure what to do. TCA... READ MORE

Best approach to treating a worsened chicken pox scar after punch excision? (photo)

I had a small chicken pox scar treated with punch excision 3 months ago. The result is much worse and has become a distracting feature on my face.... READ MORE

What can be done to improve my biopsy punch scar on my forehead? (photos)

Had a biopsy punch on my forehead for a cist 4 months ago Still very unhappy with it. It's pink, rough around the edges and dented in. Will it still... READ MORE

Would you suggest punch excision for these acne scars? (Photo)

Greetings...In my 20s I had perfect skin, then around 25 had a serious acne brake-out that has left me with these scars...Would like to get some... READ MORE

Scar from Mole Removal- How To Treat?

My son had a mole removed from his lower cheek/jaw area. It was removed via punch biopsy, stitches removed after 7 days. part of the mole is still... READ MORE

I have an old box scar on my cheek. Doctor told me he will do a punch excision. Scar depth is 1.5 to 2 mm (Photo)

I need to reassure that this technique is safe ,are there any possible side effects for this punch excision,i am worried that it might still leave a... READ MORE

I would like to have a price quote on how much a punch excision would cost on the side of my nose? (photo)

I had a nose piercings many years ago as a teen and I put in a lead piercing in and it had discolored my skin and left a raised bump on it. Any... READ MORE

Punch Graft to Remove Facial Scar Caused by Laser - Liquid Injectable Silicone? (photo)

I had a mole removed by an Er:YAG laser 15 weeks ago (see pictures). It has left redness, a divot, and a scar. I am very upset, I was promised a good... READ MORE

Any suggestions for nipple piercing scar?

I have a couple of scars on either side of one nipple after some poor teenage judgment and a piercing that I had for just a few of months. I was... READ MORE

What is the max diameter of a boxcar scar that can be removed via Punch Excision? (photos)

I have a perfectly circular boxcar scar with a diameter just under 5mm. Can this scar be removed with punch excision or is the diameter too large? Is... READ MORE

The Color of the Scars?

Hello. my name is Leila Abdiaziz. I have 4 deep chickenpox scars, ive had punch excision. scars are still round and black. my skin tone is brown. do... READ MORE

Does this punch excision appear to be healing correctly? (photo)

This is day six after a punch excision. I am concerned about scarring. I use peroxide on the site and put Vaseline on every day and cover with bandage... READ MORE

Another Scar Revision? (photo)

I had punch excision and simple closure to revise old chicken pox scars 18 months ago (the scars look much worse in person than they do in the... READ MORE

Tension on Punch Excision Scar, Could Waiting a Year First Be a Bad Idea?

2mos ago i had a punch excision of a 4mm boxcar. the scar is becoming increasingly depressed and widened and a small, hard bump has developed directly... READ MORE

Looking for Punch Excision Doctor In Madrid, Spain

I'm Looking for a Doctor Who Can Perform the Punch Excision in Madrid, Soain. Any Recommendations? READ MORE

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