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What's the Best Scar Removal Treatment for Old Leg Scars?

When I was a child I was allergic to bug bites and ticks. The scars on my legs are about 10 years old but it is still in my legs. I can’t wear s... READ MORE

Hyperpigmentation scar caused by fingernail scratch on the face. Which product will lighten the scar?

My 4 year old daughter has a flat hyperpigmentation scar that occurred from a fingernail scratch on her cheek about 6 months ago. She is a lighter... READ MORE

What should i do to remove scar mark from my forehead? It almost 6 years old now (Photo)

I have a cut mark on my forehead. Got 3 stitches. Now have a cut mark with dots of entry n exit of thread. What product or therapy should be done to... READ MORE

What treatment do you recommend for my scars to be clear? (photos)

Hi doc, hi have a scars all my legs I just want to ask if what need to do of this,this my scars made me hide all my legs and i really want to try how... READ MORE

What treatment would you recommend to remove c section scar? (photos)

I'm a new mom& i had c section for the 1st time but i feel really upset because of that ugly scar :( pls give me a solution ! what can i do to remove... READ MORE

What can I use to remove scars after gynecomastia surgery?

I had gynecomastia surgery last December and still have scars about an two and a half inches underneath my nipple from the liposuction. I was told to... READ MORE

Can anti-aging products remove pitted scars?

I just recovered from chicken pox but it left my face many pitted scars. i found in the internet that collagen boosting creams will boost healing of... READ MORE

Oil & moisurizers and scar removal creams....(photo)

So many products to choose from. What can/should I use following my breast reduction and when can I start using them? I am 1 week out from my surgery.... READ MORE

Dark scars on NOSE. What should I do? (photos)

Hi, I have blackheads on my nose like 4 years ago, and with my foolishness I removed them by using razor blade, and that caused many black scars on my... READ MORE

Forehead scar removal. What's the best non surgical option? (Photo)

I have a scar on my forehead that i'd like to lighten , if possible remove without any surgery . can u tell me which product to purchase? i've been... READ MORE

Any suggestions for scar removal and chicken skin? (photos)

I have very bad scar along with chicken skin. What's the best treatment I should get for this? How should I use the product? READ MORE

Does the "Wart Stick" Work to Remove Warts?

Hi I'm curious if this Wart Stick could actually work at removing warts? Here's what the website says: "contains a high concentration... READ MORE

What Can I Do About These Scars on my Feet and Legs?

I'm 16 and over the years i've acquired some scars. the ones that really bother me are the ones on my knees and feet. i dont remember how i got them... READ MORE

Is there an effective scar removal product I can use and for dark spots on skin? (Photo)

My daughter has been scratching her back ever since she was little now leaving scars on her back and two big dark spots on her skin I was wondering if... READ MORE

How to remove a flat light scar? What's the best products/options? (Photo)

I had this scar for two years, it was worse but I have done over the counter scar removal stuff but I want to know what will really work please help... READ MORE

What would be the best product to remove my scars?

A while ago I started using a body wash with perfumes and my stomach began to breakout with bumps. I scratched them and it left brown spots where the... READ MORE

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