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What type of procedure can I do to remove/minimize scaring on my foot after bunion surgery? (Photo)

I had surgery about 10+ years ago on my foot. I had my bunion and my hammertoe done. I was young and unaware of the outcome and how much scaring would... READ MORE

Can scar revision make this scar go away? (Photo)

Over 25 year old surgical scar. Most recent procedure was a co2 laser and stem cell procedure. No results noted. What surgical procedures can remove... READ MORE

Get rid of dark spots/marks on legs due to bug bites? (Photo)

I'm very prone to bug bites and itch very easily. I scratch a lot that left these ugly dark marks on my legs. Because of this I rarely wear skirts or... READ MORE

How do I treat a worsened chicken pox scar after punch excision?

I got a 20-year-old chicken pox scar punched out, and sewed back together 5 months ago. So far I feel like the scar looks worse than before. My skin... READ MORE

Scar from recent heart surgery; will I need a revision? (Photo)

I had a open heart surgery 20 days ago. I'm a professional model so my Surgeons agreed to do a less invasive procedure. The incision is on the left... READ MORE

I have a 15 year old scar on my upper lip from a dog bite. Is there a possibility of having it completely gone? (photo)

How can I remove a scar and who do I need to consult? Do scar way sheets work on, mederma, etc or is there a procedure I would have to have done? READ MORE

What type of specialist removes scar tissue? (Photo)

I have scar tissues from previous liposuction procedures. What can I do to get the scar tissue removed? READ MORE

What type of surgery/ procedure should I get for this facial scar? (photo)

Well I need scar surgery... I had this scar on my face for almost 9 years now. It never went away by itself. A German Shepard mix devoured my flesh.... READ MORE

Leg scar removal. What's the ideal procedure for my case? (Photo)

I want to get rid of my leg scar. What's the ideal procedure for me. READ MORE

Can my scar tissue on my lip be fixed (TX)? (photos)

Hi again! I have a scar I that I had since the second grade (November 2005) when I fell down on off a bench. I'd like to know if my scar on my upper... READ MORE

Should I go to a dermatologist or a plastic surgeon for chicken pox scar excision on forehead?

I went to consult a dermatologist to ask about excising two of my chicken pox scars on my forehead. One falls into a wrinkle but the other is in a... READ MORE

What is the best treatment route for my facial scars? (Photo)

I have two scars about an eraser head in size that were the result of two moles removed with punch biopsies. It has been three years since the... READ MORE

How can I get rid of my keloid? (photo)

Several years ago while I was getting my hair done a hot comb fell on my left breast and left a large keloid scar there, what procedures should be... READ MORE

Any procedures to help fill in the crater on the side of my nose? (Photos)

I had a mole removed 3 months ago.  I don't care to much about scaring. I would just prefer to not have a crater on my face. READ MORE

Any procedures or topical treatment for me so that I can finally get rid of all these dark marks and old scars? (Photos)

I'm currently in my 40's. I've been suffering all my life with post inflammatory hyperpigmentation. From chicken pox, mosquito bites, EPF, allergic... READ MORE

What would be a good procedure for removing this scar between my eyebrows? (photo)

I got stitches in between my eyebrows when i was just a child, it was about 12 or 13 years ago so it is quite old. The scar isn't raised. I was... READ MORE

Best procedure to remove an under chin scar? (Photo)

I have a scar under my chin that makes an illusion of a hole there and when I smile it creates a double chin that bothers me a lot because I'm not... READ MORE

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