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What Should I Do to Prevent Scarring from a Facial Scratch?

I went hiking and got scratched on my cheek, near my nose. What should I do or use to prevent scarring? It has scabbed over. It's about 0.4 or 0.5... READ MORE

How to prevent cat scratch from scarring and how to get rid of old scars?

I have lots of cat scratch scar and some of them became keloeds. How can i treat them..and how can i trrat freash wound? READ MORE

What Are the Chances of Scarring After Subcision?

I heard that there is a chance you can get additional scarring from subcision from the needle. What are the chances of this happening? How can I... READ MORE

What Can I Do to Minimize Future Scar on my Forehead? (photo)

I had an accident this past week, and I've been crying for days about this injury. I went to the ER, and the doctor had stitched my wound in the... READ MORE

Silicone sheets VS paper tape for surgical scars?

Are Micropore Surgical (paper) tape or Silicone sheets (e.g. Embrace) better for preventing bad scars? Can you use both varying days? Also, with... READ MORE

My Daughter 4 Years Old Has 4 Stiches on Her Face About Day and Half Old? (photo)

What steps can I take to insure it doesn't scar her for life. As a mom, I want to make sure there is nothing that effects my little girl and this... READ MORE

I got a burn wounds from a hot oil. How to get rid of scars and prevent keloid formation? How soon can I expect it to be gone?

I got scalded by hot oil 2 months ago on both my lower and upper extremities, but mostly on my legs, i got consultation from a surgeon, got... READ MORE

How can I prevent an indented scar from forming on my eyelid from a deep gash by a cat gouge? (photo)

The scratch occurred two days ago at 7am. My mother help my eyelid together so it would coagulate. I woke up 5 hours later and for 2-4 hours I put... READ MORE

I have just found out I have hidradenitis suppurativa. I'm 21 and I have some scars from previous abscesses.

I'm looking for a treatment to prevent further scars and aid the pain. When I have a break out it usually only one in my lower groin area, and one at... READ MORE

How to NOT Get Scars from Snake Bites?

I want snake bites, my mom said no, so I'll wait just I don't want the scar when I take them out... Is their any possible way to NOT have a scar... READ MORE

7 days old stitches out today. What can I do and how much will it shrink disappear what? Laser surgery? (photo)

Help me i dont want this scar, i want to do what ever it takes to get rid laser treament creams etc, which is best and what would be the likely... READ MORE

How to Eliminate Scars?

I will be having a brachymetatarsia in my foot. I would like to know if there is something that can be done to diminish o eliminate the scars? Thanks... READ MORE

How Do I Prevent from Getting a Scar?

Baby fell and cut his nose on the border of a drawer and cut a little open READ MORE

How should I have my port removed (chest) to prevent more scarring and eliminate the keloid scar that has already formed?(Photo)

I had a port placed in my chest for chemo about a year ago. I formed a scar that a plastic surgeon said is borderline hypertrophic and keloid. It's... READ MORE

How to Prevent Scarring on a Cut on Baby's Face? (photo)

My 1 year old baby fell on the side of the bed which left a cut just above the right of the the lip. We took him to a child specialist who said that... READ MORE

Cat scratch on face under eye on 8 year old with thin skin?

My 8 year old has a cat scratch scar that is about 2 months old or 3 months. right under left eye. went to laser doctor he seemed to quick to say to... READ MORE

Can an Injection be Made into Incision Site Internally During C-Section to Prevent Adhesions? Or Will it be Done Later On?

Hi, I am pregnant and will be scheduled for my second c-section. Someone had mentioned to me that there is a drug product that can be injected into... READ MORE

How to treat fresh fingernail scratches to prevent any scarring? I've used hydrogen peroxide, Neosporin and A&D Ointment.

I have some deep scratches on my forearm from fingernails. I initially poured hydrogen peroxide right before I cleaned it. I have read that is not... READ MORE

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