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How to Get Rid of a Stretched Pore or Pore Scar

Hi. I have an enlarged pore on my chin. It will not go away and looks worse with make up on. There doesnt seem to be anything inside of it, just a... READ MORE

Can I Remove 10-Year-Old Pores & Stitch Marks From my Face?

About 10 years ago i had got 5 stitch marks on my face between both the eyes on forehead can i remove the pores & stitch marks caused by those 5... READ MORE

Best treatment for recessed scar on nose left from cold sore? (photos)

About 5 months ago I had my first and only ever serious outbreak of cold sores on my mouth. Around the time they were developing, I had decided to... READ MORE

Best treatment for these types of scars? And is milia under my eyes? (photos)

What would work best on these scars and what type of scars are they? Are all of the little tiny holes pores or scars? would subscision work on the big... READ MORE

Is my depressed surgical scar suitable for laser or any other treatment option? (photos)

How can I improve depressed, uneven scar above eyebrow after enlarged pore was excised by plastic surgeon last year - Oct 2016? Depressed scar is more... READ MORE

I have what I believe to be ice pick scars and enlarged pores on my nose? (Photos)

Only a few years ago I was advised that treatment options were limits and I would have poor results, I don't believe this to the case anymore with new... READ MORE

How can I get rid of huge open pores on nose & a scar on my cheek from picking a freckle off? (Photo)

Hello, I have sensitive pale asian skin. Due to squeezing blackheads out during adolescence, I have accumulated what I think is known as "strawberry... READ MORE

I've there face marks on cheeks and nose, basically they are scratch marks from childhood, please help me solution. (photos)

I'm 25 year old guy, The face doesn't look clean because of this problem and now I'm getting small pores! Please help me with the solution, naturally... READ MORE

How to clear scarring caused by self injury on nose and return it to its original shape? (Photo)

Over the years the pores became more active. It was so bad that I used an extraction tool every-other day. Next time there would be even more sebum.... READ MORE

Ice pick and rolling scar treatment suggestions? How can I obtain smooth skin? Please help! (photos)

Ive been so self conscious about my scars and large pores. Does anyone have suggestions on trearments and the likelihood that they will work? I've... READ MORE

Are there any effective treatments for pitted/indented scars on nose, dilated stretched pores, and old piercing scars? (photo)

Within the last 18 months I have developed a hole on the bridge of my nose, I don't remember how it got there but it looks like a very large pore,... READ MORE

My skin is very damage day by day my skin become dark and my lips also. I have scars too much. What to do? (photo)

Plzz tell me what to do becoming dark my complexion too much scars pores fine lines plzz help to me i want healthy skin i have too much prob on my face READ MORE

1-3 month old scars. What kind of scars are these and what treatment is right for me? (photos)

I have included pictures but not of me because i couldnt get any good ones but these are close to what mine look like,i have circled the scars,my... READ MORE

Is Affirm the Best Treatment to Repair Texture and Appearance of Skin After Scarring from Bad Laser Resurfacing Treatments?

I had a full face laser resurfacing. done 9 months ago & plastic surgeoun went deep on my cheeks. I had 2 wks of down time & cheeks were pink... READ MORE

Any techniques to flatten out a raised scar on my nose, eliminate surrounding redness & reduce the center pore? (Photo)

Four years ago a bad cyst left a small raised, reddish scar on the front of my nose with an enlarged pore at the center. The scar/pore can vary in... READ MORE

I had a TCA peel which left a scar. What can be done to return the normal appearance of my skin? (Photo)

Awhile ago to did a tca peel that left a scar between my eyebrows. Although though the appearance of the scar can gone down using bleaching cream for... READ MORE

I had ice pick excision may 19 & it seems to have left another pore scar from the knot on suture. Will this ever go away?(photo)

What is the next step ? Can I get it excised again and ask for the surgeon to not use sutures ? I would just a LOVE to see a straight Line there... READ MORE

How to help scarring on my cheeks? (photos)

I have slight scarring on my cheeks. I never really had acne on my cheek so it was confusing. I went to a dermatologist and said it was collapsed... READ MORE

Best short term Treatment (1 month) for deep mix scars? Expecting outcome 50% (Photos)

Dear Respected Doctors, Thanks for all the answers in the past. I have a few box scars on my left cheek and thousands of small pores (I believe they... READ MORE

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