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Removal for Dark Scars Left by Folliculitis?

I am a 25-year-old Asian male who has been diagnosed with folliculitis on my neck. I do not shave my neck, but get large pimple-like bumps that will... READ MORE

What can be done to my nose and why did this happen? (photos)

3 yrs back , I noticed a pimple sort of at the tip of nose .I neglected and in few days it developed into black crust and in 2 weeks , the crust came... READ MORE

Next Option to Bleaching Creams for Facial Scar?

I am a 17yr old female. I have PIH on my chin from a fixed drug reaction. This has been going on for about a year and 6 months. I discontinued the... READ MORE

What would it take to remove this scar?

Hi! I have this scar that formed as a result of a pimple that didn't heal properly. It's approx. 6 years old, located on my cleavage and is... READ MORE

I have this scar on my forehead. That I got from scratching a bump off my head. What treatment would you recommend? (photo)

I don't know if it was a pimple or a bruise. Is there a type a medicine I can take or maybe a cream or something that can fade or get rid of the... READ MORE

Pimples Turned Keloids All over my Body. It Pains So Much! (photo)

Pimples turned to Keloids on Chest,Arms,Back, Belly. :(( I've been suffering for more than twenty years. But the pain and itchiness is just unbearable... READ MORE

How can I get rid of this scar? (photos)

I picked my pimple even though it wasn't ready and kept Going at it until it got the way it is, then I kept putting toothpaste on it cause I thought... READ MORE

I have a scar on my face after falling off my bike. What's the best treatment?

I met accident before one year..I fell down from bike and scratch mark formed in my cheek.. I used mederma to hide that mark..but there is no use.. So... READ MORE

How do I remove this completely? (Photo)

I first had a pimple on my forehead.. They usually go away after picking at it but this one didn't. It turned into a scab and I picked at it even more... READ MORE

Could This Be Swelling and How Do I Treat a Fresh Pimple Scarring?

I was in a play fight (wrestling) and it got rough. Which now got me a scratched (not with nails) forehead. I had little pimples on my forehead and it... READ MORE

I want to use mederma cream for pimples scar/marks removal. (Photo)

I want to use mederma cream for pimples scar/marks removal but please sir/madum help me by giving perfect idea about how to use it, dosage and if it... READ MORE

Treatment for Acne Scars on Legs?

I am a 22 year old female and used to pop out pores of pimples due to stress/anxiety. I had hair pimples on my legs. Now they are brownish scars.... READ MORE

Creams for Keloid Scarring on Nose from Pimples?

I have keloid scarring in the nose as a result of pimples. What creams should I apply to remove these? I don't want surgery. READ MORE

1-3 month old scars. What kind of scars are these and what treatment is right for me? (photos)

I have included pictures but not of me because i couldnt get any good ones but these are close to what mine look like,i have circled the scars,my... READ MORE

I have this ugly scar by my lip from a pimple that formed. How do I get rid of it? (Photo)

A pimple appeared and I popped it and kept picking with it..over time it has left this very ugly scar, I'm so self concious about! I would to get some... READ MORE

How do I remove burnt mark from using Dettol?

Hi! Doc yesterday i applied dettol on my face by thinking that it'll remove pimples ,it removed the pimples but it left with byrnt doc... READ MORE

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