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How Can I Remove Old Acne Scars on my Forehead?

Hi, I am wondering what I need to do to get rid of old acne scars on my forehead. They are flat and white. I also have some pigmentation. Thanks! READ MORE

How to Get Rid of Scar Pigmentation?

I had a mole removal surgery 4 months ago. After the wound have closed, it remained very reddish/pinkish. I have gone out tanning for several times... READ MORE

Can an African American Get Scar Removal?

Just really wanting to know because I have heard that some Laser treatments can cause the dark skin to have a difference in skin pigmentation. If I... READ MORE

How To Get Rid Of Scars After Fraxel Laser?

I had undergone Fractionated laser treatment in April at a Plastic surgeon's office, which left a prominent scar on my forehead. The area looks... READ MORE

Is Micropigmentation for Scar Revision Effective?

I had a knee injury over a year and a half ago. Shattered my patella in 3 pieces. As a result, I have a white flat and flush with the rest of my... READ MORE

Chickenpox Scar Removal by CO2 Laser?

I have deep chicken pox scars and some are pigmented. I went to visit a dermatologist, and he recommended 4 sessions of a CO2 laser. He said it could... READ MORE

Options for Sun Damage, Hyperpigmentation and Scarring?

I have horrible sun damage and skin pigmentation problems on my legs and arms. I am so embarrased by all this. I have been to local doctors who... READ MORE

Which Type of Laser for This Surgery Scar? (photo)

This scar is from a surgery procedure cause the dr was removing a red dot and told me there will be no visible scar. But as you can see it's really... READ MORE

I suffered from Dermatillomania. What is a good option to remove the scars?

I suffered from Dermatillomania I am left over with some deep scars and also some raised scars on my face. Also small amount of pigmentation what... READ MORE

How can I get rid of this blister scar? (Photo)

I got a laser treatment for pigmentation about three months ago for an abrasion that healed but darkened. Im guessing the doctor did a high level for... READ MORE

Best Scar Removal for Liposuction Scars?

I had liposuction twice and have quite a few scars. The last doctor did not want to use the old incision spots, he said he couldn't lipo as good if he... READ MORE

How can I get rid of the dark scar on my face? (Photo)

Please help me to get rid of the burn scar or dark pigmantation. It is 1 month and half old after the hot egg is exploded to my face then my face got... READ MORE

Want to get rid of discoloration ONLY. Brown and Pink colors in my facial scars. NO FRAXEL. Any suggestions? (photos)

Want to get rid of discoloration ONLY. Brown and Pink colors in my facial scars. NO FRAXEL. Dont even recommend it pls. Just want to get rid of... READ MORE

Brown pigmented spots/patches that are from acne and burn history; how can I get rid of them? (Photos)

I have a bunch of spots all over my face and body, from acne & from burn marks. On my face they're dime sized, on my body they are quarter sized &... READ MORE

Burned face 4 days ago and wounds are still pink. When should I expect healing or will I face permanent discoloration? (Photo)

I burned my face cooking. There were no blisters or extreme pain. The one doctor said it looked superficial and gave me aquaphor but the wounds are... READ MORE

What Can I Do About the Scars on my Wrist from Cutting?

From cutting I have raised white-ish thin straight scars on the sides of my wrist. I understand complete removal is unlikely but I would like too make... READ MORE

Scar (or pigmentation?) on the chest after skin-picking. (photos)

Hello, Dear Doctors! I have had a skin-picking disorder for a several years. Three years ago I picked up skin on my chest because I thought there is a... READ MORE

Pigmentation Scars on Legs Can Be Better Treated by Q Switch Laser? Please Advice Cosmic Peel Are Recommended or Not?

I got hurt in my leg certainly it developed a bacterial infection inside it which was detected after consultation of many doctors at a later stage. I... READ MORE

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