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How to get rid of red and brown ingrown hair scars underneath belly button due to shaving and picking? (photos)

A few years back I stupidly shaved the hair underneath my belly button. Fast forward, I now have ingrown hairs & red & brown ingrown hair scars that... READ MORE

How can I lighten flat dark scars on my upper arms and upper back from picking scabs?

I pick scabs repeatedly. The scars are dark and I would like to know how to lighten them READ MORE

Belly Button Scar Removal

I got my belly button repierced last May and everything was fine up until like a week ago. A small bump like a pimple formed near it. And I picked it... READ MORE

What is the cheapest and most effective way to remove leg scars that resulted from picking ingrown hairs? (photos)

The problem started when i noticed that i had lots of ingrown hair in my legs after doing ineffective shaving and plucking. Out of panic, i picked the... READ MORE

Picked Scab on Face, left a dark spot on face, how do I get rid of it?

A couple of weeks ago I cut the side of my face, and about a quarter size scar formed. I picked at it and one time took the whole thing off, so it... READ MORE

What would be the most effective way to remove the old scars on my legs from picking? (photo)

Hi, About a year ago I went through a phase where I would constantly pick scars on my legs. This lasted 6-8 months. I have now stopped and because I... READ MORE

Horrible scar and ingrown hairs; is it possible to treat this anyhow? (Photo)

I have this horrible scar and ingrown hairs . I cant even wear shorts due to it. is it possible to treat this anyhow. I used to shave and pick a lot and. READ MORE

How do I get rid of this mark after picking scab? (Photo)

I got a carpet burn on my face. I picked the scab and the part I picked looked pink. It took about 5 days to get pretty close to the shade of my skin.... READ MORE

How to clear my daughter legs of brown scars? (Photo)

My daughter picks at her skin causing brown scars. What can I do to either fade or remove them? Which procedure is best for an 11 year old? READ MORE

Back scarring from scab picking

I pick my zits and scabs. About 3 years ago, my picking migrated to my back and because it was less visible, I picked often. I have many small scars... READ MORE

What treatment would you recommend for my scars on legs from years of picking?

I've suffered with this issue for over 15 years now. I'm 25 now. It's been one of the hardest most embarrassing things I've had to go through in my... READ MORE

How do I remove this completely? (Photo)

I first had a pimple on my forehead.. They usually go away after picking at it but this one didn't. It turned into a scab and I picked at it even more... READ MORE

All of my skin picking marks turning dark purple or black in colour? (Photos)

I had a skin tag on my nose, I picked the skin(with plucker) without realising that it would leave a wound. it turned light pink after healing (almost... READ MORE

Scars from Dermatillomania

Hello Doctors, I'm an india girl of wheatish complexion suffering from Skin Picking Disorder. I don't scratch myself anymore but I have a lot... READ MORE

Facial Scar Due to Blackhead Scratch- How To Remove?

Hi , I have few blackheads on the face which are skin deep, may be due to the oily open pored skin . I tried to remove it using nail , the blackhead... READ MORE

What is the Recommended Procedure to Get Rid of Scars Caused by Picking at Keratosis Pilaris Bumps?

I do not typically experience redness, just the raised 'plugs'. I picked at these in my teenage years, not understanding what they were. Would like to... READ MORE

Scar (or pigmentation?) on the chest after skin-picking. (photos)

Hello, Dear Doctors! I have had a skin-picking disorder for a several years. Three years ago I picked up skin on my chest because I thought there is a... READ MORE

How can I treat and remove these 5 chicken pox scars? (photo)

I've had them since I was 2, they're not very deep, only 1mm perhaps and normally colored. I also have a tiny spattering of super shallow tiny scars... READ MORE

I have white scars on my chest, shoulders, and back from picking. Can anything be done to diminish their appearance? (photo)

I have white scars on my chest shoulders and back from picking. Can anything be done to diminish their appearance? Or make them fade/blend? Very self... READ MORE

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