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I burned my forehead with a curling iron and the burnt skin peeled off, revealing a almost white complexion. What do I do?

I was curling my hair and I burnt my forehead badly. Unfornenetly I didn't think it was as bad as it was so I just continued curling and it started to... READ MORE

How can I remove scars on my legs after shaving? (Photo)

I have tried many scars creams and gels but nothing worked for me. I'm too desperate and conscious about my legs now. Can I try chemical peeling to... READ MORE

What can I use for my dark itchy scaly mark from eczema?

Ita a scaley patch on my forehead that peels and itches alot and now its very dark and shiny It will not go away no matter what I use. It looks like a... READ MORE

I had chicken pox. A family members peeled them off. Now I have numerous scars mainly on my cheeks. Any suggestion?(photo)

Please tell me what the best treatment and how well it will work. I also would like to know the average cost, process, and all risks I will be talking. READ MORE

How do I get rid of a curling iron scar on the forehead? (photos)

About two months ago I burned myself with a curling iron on the forehead. A couple days after I peeled the surface of the burn and it left a light... READ MORE

I have scars in my face. What can I do to remove this?

Pls tell me about peeling it have some side effect if yes so pls tell which type ....and i have scares in my face just because of chickenpox.. N its... READ MORE

How to remove scar on my lips? What method and how much it cost? (photos)

When i was 7 years old. I was bitten by dog and had a peeled off wounds that's why they needed to stitch it. The stitches had'nt removed. I can't... READ MORE

Is it possible to fade old leg scars? (photos)

Hi, I've had scars on my legs from prematurely peeling my scabs as a teenager. While I haven't really let this stop me from wearing shorts, I would... READ MORE

I have chicken pox scars on my forehead, similar to pink marks. How can I get rid of them and are they permanent?

Im still suffering with chicken pox but the ones on my forehead are healing and turning black. They tend to fall off or are peeled very easily which... READ MORE

Tar splashed on my forehead 2wks ago. Skin peeled off when I removed it and skin is pinkish white. Will it ever go back normal?

I got a little bit of tar splashed on my forehead and when I removed it it peeled some skin off. it's been two weeks now. I started using vitamin e... READ MORE

Best way to get rid of ice pick scars?

I have been doing hydrafacials , 2 vipeels , 3 sessions of microneedeling, tca peels and extractions for the last 4 months now my skin has changed for... READ MORE

Is this Hyper pigmentation or scar ? (photos)

Hi I used a bit of tazaroc over a pimple that was open and it seemed to peel/ burn my skin off now I'm worried this is an indented scar and not just... READ MORE

Best way to remove or whiten dark spots and scars on my legs? (photos)

I had a habit of peeling and scratching off wounds when i was younger and i really never toke care of my skin. I was careless amd i would just like to... READ MORE

I got burnt by nair and caused skin to peel off. Any suggestions? (photos)

Two weeks ago I burnt myself with nair which peeled off my skin, I dressed it with a&d ointment for a week. It was healing just fine until the burn... READ MORE

Burn scar due to spillage of hot water 4 months back still left me with stubborn white & pink rough scars. Any treatment?(photo)

Hot water peeled my skin out.The burn got completely healed with collagen dressing after 3 weeks but left stubborn white scars behind, some pinkish... READ MORE

I burnt my face after using bleach some time ago. What treatment would you recommend? (photo)

I have a burnt patch around my mouth and chin. I tried to get rid of the scars by peeling the skin. But it doesn't work. Please let me know how... READ MORE

I had a TCA peel which left a scar. What can be done to return the normal appearance of my skin? (Photo)

Awhile ago to did a tca peel that left a scar between my eyebrows. Although though the appearance of the scar can gone down using bleaching cream for... READ MORE

Is it possible for a dark red mark on the chin from a boiling water burn into a scar?

Hi, the other day I came out with a large blind pimple on my chin. To try to draw it out, I boiled the kettle and poured some of the boiling water... READ MORE

I have an old scar on my head, caused by scratching and peeling the skin off. How can I get rid of it? (Photo)

How do I get rid or lighten this scar? I'm tired of people questioning it and mostly my family. I've tried some tar like substance that cleared of my... READ MORE

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