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Painful Keloids

My Keloids Are Vey Painful, I Dont Care About How It Looks , Ijust Want the Pain to Stop, What Can I Do?  READ MORE

Are Steroid Injections for Keloid Scars Painful?

I read somewhere that it is painful to get steroid injections to treat keloids and sometimes it burns. Is this true? READ MORE

Itching and Painful Keloids - Treatment?

I have keloids on my back, chest and cheek. They all between 5 and 10years old they are large and raised.And are still continuing to get larger. They... READ MORE

Lip Line Scar Treatment Options

I collided with my friends Golden Retriever (don't ask) And it put my teeth through my bottom lip. I have a large ball of scar tissue on the inside,... READ MORE

I Have a Keloid on my Breast That Hurts and Get Sore at Times, What Should I do?

I had my keloids removed once and it cam back larger all three of them, on on my butt, one on my vagina and one on my breast. I do not have a picture... READ MORE

I burned my forehead with a curling iron and the burnt skin peeled off, revealing a almost white complexion. What do I do?

I was curling my hair and I burnt my forehead badly. Unfornenetly I didn't think it was as bad as it was so I just continued curling and it started to... READ MORE

Scar Tissue Removal After Tendon Repair to Index Finger

Scar tissue formed and prevented bending of the finger, so I had scar tissue removed from the knuckle and bottom of finger 4 months later. A year... READ MORE

What Type of Surgeon Do I Need for Internal Keloids from Scarring Since Having my 3 C -section?

I have had 3 sections, an appendectomy and Tubal ligation. Now I have developed internal jellies that a causing me severe pain on my cesearean scar. I... READ MORE

Steroid Treatments for Keloid Painful?

I have had steroid treatments in the past for my keloid and they have always been very painful. I have even refused to take anymore because of the... READ MORE

I burnt my chin with a 200°c curling iron. What treatment would you recommend? (photos)

Around 15 hours ago I accidentally burnt my chin with a 200°c iron. I have applied burning aid (after 5/6 hours, sadly) and now the scar is greyish, ... READ MORE

I Have a Very Painfull Keloid Scar on my Shoulderblade. Injections (With Cortisone) Don't Work. What Can I Do? (photo)

Hi doctors, I need help. The Keloid (7 years old) is really painfull and nothing has worked (injections with painkiller and cortisone have only... READ MORE

Who to Ask in Getting Evaluation for Scar Revision?

I have alot of scars all over my body. I'm kinda nervous. I want to talk to someone about it, explain it to me. How much pain will there be and the... READ MORE

What is the Price Range I Am Looking at to Get my Keloids Removed?

I have large dark extremely painful keiloids in the middle of my chest and my groin area (6 total). I am trying to see what the best procedure is for... READ MORE

Pimples Turned Keloids All over my Body. It Pains So Much! (photo)

Pimples turned to Keloids on Chest,Arms,Back, Belly. :(( I've been suffering for more than twenty years. But the pain and itchiness is just unbearable... READ MORE

Acne scar removal or electrolysis first, or does it matter?

I am a female who became obsessed with my facial hair at 21 (now 25) and began using Smooth Away pads on my face. Skin would be very painful after... READ MORE

What treatment would you recommend for my scar on my private part? (photos)

I've had it since I was born. I starts from the top where it is thickest. Then going down towards the testicles it fades away. I can't pull back the... READ MORE

Help with Recurring, Painful Keloids

I live in Atlanta and have been to many dermatologists that have administered the steroid shots for keloid removal. They have all re-grown larger and... READ MORE

Vaginal cyst near urethra was removed surgically yesterday by a urologist. What kind of pain is "normal"?

I had a vaginal cyst removed yesterday by a urologist. It was next to my urethra but was not from the urethra or attached to it at all. I am having a... READ MORE

I have cement burn on my penis & its been getting worse over the course of 3 days. It's very painful. What treatment do I need?

Burn while wet grinding a cement counter top. The wet slurry splashed on my stomach ran into my underwear. This exposure was 2 hours until I felt pain... READ MORE

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