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How Can I Get my Hot Wax Burn Scar Removed or Faded?

I have a burn scar on my thighk. Im of olive skin complexion the scar is pink/white coloured . The scar was caused by hot wax and the top layer from... READ MORE

Ice Pick Scar Removal for Latino Skin?

I am a 26-year-old Latino male with ice pick scars in my left and right cheeks. Which treatment would be the best for my skin type? I have olive skin. READ MORE

How to Lighten Scarred Elbow?

I have olive skin but from scarring my elbows at a young age, my elbows are very dark compared to the rest of my skin. What can I do to make them much... READ MORE

What is the best way to remove underarm razor bump scarring? (photo)

I'm east asian with a slightly darker olive skin tone. I have a bad habit or plucking any growth or to pull-out ingrown hairs which resulted in... READ MORE

Scar Removal with Least Required Downtime?

I have several scars on my chest. The pigmentation of these circular scars is lighter than my olive skin tone. I cannot afford down time and need to... READ MORE

What is the best laser to remove hyperpigmentated cannula incision scars? (Photos)

The scars are small,from BBL procedure from 2 years ago. They a little indented but hyperpigmentated. The hyperpigmentation is what bothers me the... READ MORE

Does skin needling after a punch elevation remove the ring from the punch elevation?

Just got a punch elevation, now there is a ring around it and some part of the original scar is still indented. Apparently dermabrasion afterwards... READ MORE

What treatment can help me with my deep scars? (Photo)

I have deep scars and my skin color is olive. Im currently getting vitalize chemical peel. Please advise what treatments are best for me to get rid of... READ MORE

New scar on olive skin (face). Any suggestions? (photos)

My sons skin always scars dark. To lighten new scar on face is it best to use silicone sheets, platos dark scar corrector, platos scar serum, glycolic... READ MORE

How to treat white marks on pubic area from waxing?

I have small white marks, (scars?) where pubic hair was removed. I have medium olive skin tone. Is there any way to treat these and make them the same... READ MORE

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