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Can a Scar Removal Ointment Help Remove a Scar?

Hi! I've been looking for a cheaper way to remove my scar. Can an over the counter ointment such as contractubex helps remove old scar? I can't wear... READ MORE

How can I get rid of this scar on my elbow? (photo)

So I fell pretty hard on the sidewalk and as a result, I got a pretty big scar on my elbow. I've been told to apply cocoa butter on it, but I am not... READ MORE

How to remove nail scratch or scars from face ? (photos)

Is there any ointment or any medicine for this. I kept dettol , and olive oil on that. Should i continue with this please help me to get rid of this... READ MORE

How to remove accident scar on nose, forehead and just beside lips?

I have met with an bike accident.And dragged through face .please suggest me some medicine .,ointment or home remedies to totally remove this scars READ MORE

How to remove a keloid from my left hand wrist? (photos)

I had met with an accident and my wrist got switched as the switches were not properly done doctor advice me to apply MUPIMENT ointement and after... READ MORE

My scrape hasn't healed in weeks, is it ok?

One day I scraped my knee on the beach and it hasnt healed yet its been already 2 weeks and it still hasnt healed,I cover it with ointment everyday to... READ MORE

When to Apply Ointment & Moisturizer and Which One?

Hello Realself ! Recently undergon suturing on my forehead for 3 of my old scars frm small cuts. size of scars was 1st-10mm, 2nd-7mm & 3-5mm(al... READ MORE

What can I do to remove a hypertrophic scar on my knee after cyst removal?

I had a cyst removed from my knee last year of March 5th.Is there any procedures, medications, or lotions I can use. The dermatologist said it... READ MORE

Is there any treatment or ointment that I can use to remove the keloid bump on my lips? (photos)

I have a keloid bump on my lower lips due to accident..I fell from a double deck bed 5 years ago and it really bothers me that I can't smile perfectly... READ MORE

What type of treatment should I seek to reduce the appearance of this facial scar? (photos)

I had a fall which resulted in a facial laceration on my forehead about five weeks ago. No stitches because I just used butterflies and healing... READ MORE

Ointment for Lip Scar?

I have a healing wound on my lower lip. Its not through the border, it starts halfway up my lip and goes half way down the other side. I unfortunately... READ MORE

My scar is raised. Any suggestions?

Basically i fell from my bike 1.5 year ago i got a linear scratch on forehead This wound got a scab and then the scab fell off but after some days the... READ MORE

Should I get a second Kenalog 10 injection for facial scar from injury? (photos)

After removing stitches, proper care, would closure, 2 months of applying silcon ointment 2x/day and silicon sheeting, 1 Kenalog 10 injection, the... READ MORE

What Can be Done for the Scars on my Legs? (photo)

I moved into a new flat in Sydney, Australia and started getting scars on my legs. It's now been over a year and the marks aren't really... READ MORE

I got burnt by nair and caused skin to peel off. Any suggestions? (photos)

Two weeks ago I burnt myself with nair which peeled off my skin, I dressed it with a&d ointment for a week. It was healing just fine until the burn... READ MORE

What ointment will quickly remove the scars from itching my legs and hands?

I am left itchy about a week after a mosquito bites. . My other family members got bitten too but they only got red dots and leaves no scar on their... READ MORE

What is the best ointment for removing black spots in forehead?

I have black sports in my forehead but didn't gone i have try many cremes READ MORE

Can you recommend an ointment to reduce the mark on the back of my neck from stitches? (photo)

I got operated on back side of the neck there are 13 stitches is ther any ointments to reduce the mark READ MORE

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