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Nose Piercing Indentation Mark and Discoloration

I recently took out my nose piercing that I had for 3 years. Now there is a visible hole left on my nose and slight discoloration around the area. I... READ MORE

Best Treatment For Chicken Pox Scars?

I had chicken pox when i was 2 years old , i used to scratch them alot , and too bad it left marks on my nose , 4 marks to be exact , they are brown... READ MORE

What's the Quickest Way to Remove Scar from Stitches?

I had 3 stitches just under my nose and now I have a scar. As you can see in the picture, it's still red after 2 months. My doctor has prescribed... READ MORE

How to Get Rid of a Crater Scar on Nose?

I recently saw my dermatologist to "shave" off small bump on my nose. She ended up cutting very deep and left me with a crater, which is a... READ MORE

I Have 2 Deep Chicken Pox Scars on my Nose,what Can I Use to Remove Them?

I Have 2 Deep Chicken Pox Scars on my Nose,what Can I Use to Remove Them? READ MORE

How to Get Rid of a Red Mark on my Nose? (photo)

Hi, Ive got a raised red mark on my nose. Ive had it for about 3 years from acne. Whats the best way to get rid of it? Ive just started using Bio oil... READ MORE

How to Remove Dent from Nose Piercing?

This summer I got my nose pierced and now there is a dent! I regret doing it and took it out that night. It has healed and I have been putting on over... READ MORE

How to Removal Keloid Formed on Nostril from Nose Piercing?

I have had my nose pierced for 2 1/2 years now and it have developed a keloid around the hole. I would like to have it completely removed, since it is... READ MORE

Improving Dog Bite Scar on Face of a Two Year Old?

My 2-year-old daughter was bitten by a dog 4 months ago. He punctured a tiny hole in the valley between her nose and cheek. Based on size, location... READ MORE

Dog Bite on Nose

Hi , You can call me Y2 and I'm 26 years old. Three years ago I was bitten by a dog on my nose. I got seven stitches from the left side of my nose... READ MORE

What Procedure Can Minimize Chicken Pox Scar?

I had chickenpox and there is a dent on my nose between eyes right side, what procedure can eliminate this scar or reduce its appearance also how to... READ MORE

Chicken Pox Scar on Nose Removal? (photo)

I have a chicken pox scar on my nose. What is the best treatment for its removal? READ MORE

Nose Pierced Hole Close Permanently?

Hi i pierced the nose when am in 12 but i took out at the age of 14, now am in age 22 but still hole is there not close stil.but i dont want to put... READ MORE

Subcision for Depressed Scar on Nose Tip?

Is Subcision an effective treatment for depressed scar on tip of the nose? READ MORE

How to Remove Forehead Scar Tissue Under Skin Without Creating Additional Scars?

About 5 years ago, I fell & broke my nose. My glasses slid up into my forehead, creating two furrow marks vertically on the tops of my eyebrows.... READ MORE

Does the Punch Excision Treatment for Scarred Pores Work on the Nose?

I have 2 scarred pores on my nose which are very noticeable and resemble icepick scars.Ive tried laser treatments,but that just made things worse. READ MORE

How to Fix Dent Scar on Nose?

I had a red dot removed from the tip of my nose and now I have a round dent instead. My derm doctor wants me to wait 6 months before we talk about... READ MORE

Depressed Scar On Nose- What To Do? (photo)

I have something on my nose i think it called nose pimple for 7 years small size about 1 or 2 mm & not painful just cosmetic ( red color ) before... READ MORE

I Have a Scar from a Nose Piercing, What Are the Costs to Laser Remove? (photo)

Its very small but still very ugly on my face. On average how much would it cost to remove it at a medical spa with lasers? I am a bit new to these... READ MORE

Can a 12 Yr Old Cigarette Burn Be Removed?

When I was about 4 I got burned with a cigarette on my left nostril, according to my mother I kept picking at the scab and now it's black. I'm... READ MORE

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