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Scar removal, the stitches were left in my wound. Is it normal for a surgeon to leave the stitch? Do they come out on their own?

I got a scar removal surgery On 5/17/2014 so when I got my stitches removed one week later. I noticed the surgeon left some stitches that he may have... READ MORE

Scar getting worse?

I removed a scab prematurely 4 months ago and now have a scar. It looks bigger and worse now. Is this normal? Should I be concerned? Thank you very much! READ MORE

Sudden sore red bump on 3 month old scar? (Photos)

3 months ago I had a cyst removed on my face. About a month in a stitch spit out, but past that healing has been going well. This morning I woke up to... READ MORE

Keloids scars on the back of my ears. Is it normal? (Photo)

I'm a white male of 37 both parents are white I had my ears pierced my nipples pierced, eyebrow pierced and also had my ears pinned back 5 years ago... READ MORE

Can my scar tissue on my lip be fixed (TX)? (photos)

Hi again! I have a scar I that I had since the second grade (November 2005) when I fell down on off a bench. I'd like to know if my scar on my upper... READ MORE

Tar splashed on my forehead 2wks ago. Skin peeled off when I removed it and skin is pinkish white. Will it ever go back normal?

I got a little bit of tar splashed on my forehead and when I removed it it peeled some skin off. it's been two weeks now. I started using vitamin e... READ MORE

Redness and bump after Pyogenic Granuloma removal

I had a pyogenic granuloma removed 2 weeks ago and had my stitches removed this week but I developed this red bump near my stitches. The nurse who... READ MORE

Do the muscles in the mouth grow back? Will the shape of my mouth return to normal? Do I need plastic surgery? (photos)

I had a dog bite to my upper right lip. I am now one month after surgery and I am worried about the disfiguration of my mouth and asymmetrical upper lip. READ MORE

Scar reduction surgery 6 months ago? (photo)

Hello i had a scar reduction surgery for my left nipple 6 months and my question is that how long does it take to heal and doest it look normal ? this... READ MORE

How to get rid of my unsightly scar from an upper eyelid surgery? (Photos)

I had an eyelid surgery for ptosis of my left eye when I was about 13. Im now 19 and am still dealing w/ this ugly scar that causes the skin to fold... READ MORE

I'm 26 & suffering from hypertrophic scars and doctors told me they cannot do any thing? (Photos)

Hello, 2 years ago i applied too much lemon juice on my acnes and I burnt my skin, I went to dermatologist and he told me you destroyed your skin and... READ MORE

What options do I have for scars from breast augmentation on 5/10/13? Still very pink, itchy and stinging sensations (Photos)

I had a breast augmentation on 5/10/13. Immediately after surgery I used some silicone liquid to brush over incisions like my plastic surgeon advised... READ MORE

My scar is red and fat; it's been a year? (Photo)

It's been a year since I got my breast augmentation surgery but my scar are still fat and red . What should I do to whiten my scar and flatten my scar... READ MORE

Is the swelling at the top of scar normal after scar revision/excision? (Photo)

I went to Dr. Thomas Nguyen of Fountain Valley, Ca for a scar revidion of 12 year old dog bite on upper lip. I see somewhat improvement on the lower... READ MORE

Is it safe to remove a keloid with a rubber band?

I have a keloid and I'm recently trying the rubber band method to remove it. back in 2013 I got it removed and it grew back I also got steroid... READ MORE

Would multiple laser treatments be beneficial or help to reduce this facial scar on my left cheek? The scar is 20+ years old. (P

I've had surgery to make the scar smaller & 1 CO2 laser treatment about 6 years ago. I'm still not happy with what I see every day. I am open to... READ MORE

Cuts on my arms; how to make them normal again? (Photo)

I still doesn't try it because I not satisfie other treatments. I shall clean it only right direction so I confused,help me!! READ MORE

Is it possible for my forehead to be normal again? Keloid (Photo)

At about 7 years old, I had a traumatic experience where I landed face first when I jumped off a swing unattended by a babysitter. In stead of the... READ MORE

My Skin Doctor Recommends Cutting the Fibrosis Tissue Under The Scar, is This a Normal Procedure?

I have a white long flat scar above my right eyebrow, it's 3 years old, i got in a car accident! I had some genesis laser done right after the... READ MORE

30 year old scar on eyelid and temple; what are my options? (Photos)

My scar was caused by a car accident when I was 8yrs old. I hate looking in the mirror and am so sick of people asking me how it happened. The eyelid... READ MORE

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