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How to Remove Scars in Legs and Arms Without Surgery?

I have so many scars in legs in arms because of insect bite and other is minor accident how can i remove without surgical?.. and im so very shy in... READ MORE

10 months old scar on my face. How to remove this scar without surgery or laser treatment? (Photo)

10 months ago i had an motorcycle accident and i have got this scar on my face. im using retino-a tretinoin cream 0.050, Hirudoid Cream, Mometasone... READ MORE

I Have a Vertical Forehead Scar and Was Wondering if There is Any Non Surgical Ways to Reduce Visibility? (photo)

I am aware there are ways to reduce the visibility but unsure how much they will help me personally, especially because it is vertical and it is in... READ MORE

How to remove old stitch marks on face without surgery? (Photo)

How to just remove the stich marks between the eyebrows little up what to do to cure this READ MORE

How can I improve a scar from a feeding tube?

I'm a 45 year old man. I'm 6'3" and 200 lbs with a muscular build. I have a scar remaining from a feeding tube. Though the scar itself is very small,... READ MORE

Non-surgical Treatment to Fade Large, Raised Leg Scar?

I have a large scar on my leg stretching my entire right thigh. I suffered a degloving injury in a bus accident nine years ago. Some sections are... READ MORE

How Can I Make These Keloid Scars Less Prominent? (photo)

I got these scars about 2 years ago from cutting myself very deeply. Is there anyway to make them less prominent without having to resort to surgery... READ MORE

Is There a Non Surgical Way to Remove Keloid?

I have had keloids for about 3 yrs I have been waiting in a queue to remove them but just found out I have to go private. Does the removal cost a lot... READ MORE

How to remove nail scratching in my face from childhood without any surgery and laser treatment? (Photo)

I have some marks on my face.These marks are due to my childhood nail scratching. Now i am 29 years old, and i tried some natural anitiagening skin... READ MORE

10 Year Old Slightly Indented Scar on Forehead, Do I Have Any Non-Surgical Options? (photo)

What are my options for a scar I have had for over 10 years I don't want to go down the surgery route right now as that seem drastic considering... READ MORE

Non Surgical Options To Treat Facial Scars on Dark Skin? (photo)

I am a black African lady from Namibia southern Africa. i have angry scar ( marks) on my face and i am not happy with it. i cannot afford a plastic... READ MORE

Alternative Keloid Removal Treatment for Indian Skin?

Hi, I am an Indian girl and have a keloid scar on my left cheek. It has been growing for 10 yrs, and I've tried steriod shots to no avail. Can you... READ MORE

I Got Burned with a Tub of Boiling Hot Water Both my Feet Legs and Thights 17 Years Ago. What Are My Non-Surgical Options?

I got burned with tub full of boiling hot water on both my feet legs and tights 17 years ago im now 24 is there ANYWAY possible i could have this huge... READ MORE

What is Best Method for Removing Scar on Forehead?

I have got a hurt from racket while playing,on left eyebrow verically. My doc preffered 6 stiches for that. Now I am worried it may remain as scar... READ MORE

Appendicitis Scar That is Indented Can It Be Fixed Non Surgically?

My daughter is 17 and has an indented scar from her appendicitis it 2 inches long and not fisvolored just indented. She is thin and fit it really... READ MORE

How Do I Remove This Scar Without Any Type of Surgery? (photo)

I have this bump on my lower lip line. I'm not sure if its a scar or not but its quite noticeable. I got it from squeezing a blackhead.. and then it... READ MORE

How can I reduce or remove chicken pox scars from nose? (photos)

I had chicken pox when i was younger which left behind 2 scars on my nose. Almost 12 years later i stilll have them, with no sign of faiding what so... READ MORE

Best non surgical way to remove depressed facial scar? (photo)

Hi, I have this scar from when I hit my forehead on the edge of a radiator when I was 5, I have posted a photo. I have tried msm cream, derma... READ MORE

I've had a small indentation on my forehead, shaped like a circle, for about 12 years now. How can I remove it? (Photo)

Is there any way it can be removed using something other than plastic surgery , like a silicone cream?Even if that is not possible , how can I remove... READ MORE

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