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Are Silicone Sheets Tempoprary Scar Treatments?

Why do scars look "great" while using silicone sheets but as soon as usage is discontinued, they seem to return to normal? I used sheets for 3... READ MORE

What Treatment Should I Get for my Facial Scars?

I would like to have the scarring in the picture evaluated for the best treatment option. Would chemical peels or dermabrasion be a good option? I've... READ MORE

Can scar revision make this scar go away? (Photo)

Over 25 year old surgical scar. Most recent procedure was a co2 laser and stem cell procedure. No results noted. What surgical procedures can remove... READ MORE

Keloid Treatment on Face and Neck Already Had Steroid Injection and Laser; Has Gotten Worse?

I have keloids both sides of my face and on neck, I have undergone steroid injections different types and laser treatment, at the moment the... READ MORE

What can I do to get rid of these scars? (Photo)

I don't know if these are ice pick scars or rolling box scars. So far I've had 2 fractional laser treatments, 1 chemical peel, and 1 microdermabrasion... READ MORE

Can fraxel laser remove a keloid scar in 1 day?

I have a keloid scar on my chest and the doctor give a kencort 40 shot last 2 months and i didnt see any result so I go to another doctor and he offer... READ MORE

Face - dark mark after Aleppo boil. (photos)

Hi here is male 36 . Looking for solution for my skin scar .when I was 10 years old I had a illness (leishmaniasis ) and after treatment finally I got... READ MORE

Are there any procedures to help minimize my scar on my vermilion border from a mole removal procedure? (Photos)

About 15 months ago I had a flesh colored mole removed from the vermilion border of my upper lip. I should have probably left it alone because I have... READ MORE

Which treatment should I go for after 5 sessions of CO2 fractional laser? (Photos)

I had five sessions of co2 fractional laser,last one with deep penetration.After that,I have seen only few improvements which was not worth the money... READ MORE

I want to get rid dead skin as well as old facial nail marks - I need your suggestions.

My face is dead as well as i am having so many old nail marks on my face... it all has made my face so yucky.... what can i do doctor to make my face... READ MORE

Advice for keloid scar? (Photos)

Iam 42 I had mini face lift after losing weight and after 6 months of healing one ear is good the other one is having keliod , plz advice I tried... READ MORE

Can I Go for Laser Removal for Scars Which Are on the Side of my Breast? (photo)

Im 1m65 for 90kg Hello, im overweight, actually on diet and i have scar on my breasts areas near my underarm.They are like flaky dark skin. They are... READ MORE

What is the best scar revision method for my scar? (Photos)

I had a car accident 5 years ago my cheek was hurt they stitched it the scar is long and deep it is not to red now it's white i took those pictures... READ MORE

I still see no progress in my face. How long will it take to see a difference? (Photo)

I have been treating it with bacitracin and I finished all my antibiotics. And today I bought aloe Vera been applying it but I feel my skin good like... READ MORE

What are my options for a keloid scar on my chest? (Photo)

I have this scar about 5 years. First it was small, then it grew, and now it doesn't grow anymore. My doctor said it was keloid scar, i used Dermovate... READ MORE

I'm 19 years old and have deep cut marks on my wrist; what should I do? (Photo)

Those scars won't fade away.its been 3years and theyare still's shameful.please help me.I even applied bio oil for a month or two but no... READ MORE

Are there any doctors in Canada that perform recell for cosmetic purposes?

I have approximately 15-20 small white, hypopigmented scars on my chest that have not responded to anything. My scars are relatively flat and circular... READ MORE

Three years back I got a stitch mark on my face because of accident. How do I remove the scar? (Photos)

I met with an accident and got stick mark on my face and after that 1 year later I went trough operation and nothing changed but scars width became... READ MORE

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