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Getting Rid of Thyroid Surgery Scar

My neck scar is 4" long and it pooches out all the way across. This is a fairly new incision but everyone else's is just a flat line even in the... READ MORE

How to Treat Old Scars from Razor Bumps and Acne on Dark Skin?

Black skin. Patchy scars under chin and on sides of the neck from razor bumps and previous acne. The razor bumps are now much less of a problem and... READ MORE

Removal for Dark Scars Left by Folliculitis?

I am a 25-year-old Asian male who has been diagnosed with folliculitis on my neck. I do not shave my neck, but get large pimple-like bumps that will... READ MORE

Best Treatment for Keloids That Don't Respond to Steroids

I have multiple keloids on my neck, and I have had about 4 treatments of steroids already, but not too much difference. I got the big red keloids from... READ MORE

Laser Surgery and Permanent Makeup to Remove Burn Scar?

I have a deep burn scar that's over 14 years old on the left side of my face and neck (from cheek to neck). I went to a plastic surgeon and he said... READ MORE

Options for Red Keloid Scar on Neck?

I have a what my dermatologist calls a keloid scar on my neck, this was caused by an accidental, self-inflicted chemical burn. My scar has not grown... READ MORE

Any Treatments For Raised Keloid on Neck? (photo)

Is there any treatment for my keloid on my neck? (under the jaw line). I had an operation 3 years ago to remove a cyst and it has been growing since... READ MORE

What is the Best Option for an Old (Pink) Surgical Scar?

I have 2 surgical scars on the side of my neck from 4 years ago that are still pink. Recently I went to a laser clinic and have gotten 5 PDL... READ MORE

Keloid Removal for 15 Year Old?

Can a 15 year old get plastic surgery to get keloid in the neck / chest area removed? READ MORE

How Can I Remove Scars on Chin and Neck from Shaving and Plucking?

I have scars on my chin and neck from plucking and shaving ( I am african american). Is there a way to remove the scarring on my neck and chin? I have... READ MORE

Railroad track scars on face (Photo)

I've had this scar on my face for almost 2 years now. It goes alongside a number of scars on my head, neck & back. I am self conscious of these scars... READ MORE

How to Remove Red Surgery Scar on Neck?

I had hyperparathyroid surgery over three years ago. Ever since I have a 3.5 inch visible red scar on my neck. The unfortunate part about it beyond... READ MORE

How to Get Rid of White Scar on Neck?

I have an insicion scar from a lymph node biopsy 2 years ago. It's now a white indent on the left side of my neck. It also has white marks where the... READ MORE

Can Scars on the Neck Be Revised Using Scar Revision?

Can Scars on the Neck Be Revised Using Scar Revision? READ MORE

Treatment for Dark Neck Scars?

I have hair growth on my neck and from using tweezers on them. There are small dark scars all over my neck. I'm so unhappy and depressed. What can help? READ MORE

How do I remove scares due to nail scratches on neck?

Been in a abuse relationship and have a lot of scares due to fights. Nail scratches READ MORE

Have Sever Burn Scar Across my Right Cheek, Neck and Arm from when I was a Child, Any Options?

Hi i m 25years old female i hvave burn scar on my right arm cheek and neck when i was 3years it is because of hot chicken stok i have lost my... READ MORE

How can I remove my scars of shame? (Photo)

3 years of dermatillomania scarring is now on my legs buttocks chest arms back neck face and scalp. I'm currently having pixel/fraxel laser done every... READ MORE

Keloid Removal Procedure on Neck Area?

I had a mole on my neck that was removed using a topical treatment and resulted to a open healing then a keloid on my neck. Most surgeons often... READ MORE

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