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Treatment for depressed scars in corners of mouth? (photo)

I've had angular cheilitis for well over a year and finally I think it's gone no idea why it was even there in the first place my doctor checked... READ MORE

Scar Revision Techniques?

I have two scars near my mouth and chin area which are the result of a traumatic injury when I was younger. As you can see, the smaller scar is... READ MORE

How can I improve the appearance of a scar in the corner of the mouth? (photos)

I have a scar in the corner of my mouth I acquired after a laceration, caused by flossing of all things, became infected. The scar appears as two... READ MORE

How to get rid of healed pink scar from coffee burn? (photos)

Hi, I was at work and coffee splashed on my face. Didn't think much of it being super busy at the time. A mark set in, scabbed up, and now I have... READ MORE

I have a thick scar in my bottom lip. Is there anyway to remove it without surgery? (photo)

The scar happened when I was a kid. I feel embarrassed when people looking at my lips. I have consulted with a dermatologist, he told me to go with... READ MORE

What can I do to remove dark spots and scars from my face?

Hi I am 34 year old girl. I have dark spots, lines , scars on face just above and around neck. I tried every home remedies and all product nothing is... READ MORE

What can I do about the scar my doctor left on the sides of my mouth? What can I expect from my doctor to fix it? (Photo)

I had double jaw surgery to fix my sleep apnea and during the surgery my doctor told my mom he accidentally cut the sides of my lip but that it should... READ MORE

Are there any sugical procedures for this? What can I do for this?

EHi My Name is Michelle 30 years old and I have had Angular Cheilitis for many years now and i have dark scars around the corners of my mouth i have... READ MORE

What type of surgery will I need to fix the corner of my mouth? Will I need multiple procedures? How much will it cost? (Photo)

I was electrocuted @ 3 almost 4 years old & it left a slight wrinkle scar in the right corner of my mouth, that prevents me from fully opening my... READ MORE

My face was burnt after using aziderm. What can I do now?

I used aziderm bt after five days I saw it was pilling and now my skin is burn around my mouth including my nose,it's totay dark now .what can I... READ MORE

How can i get rid-off my lower lip scar that i have for almost 4 years now? (photos)

Hey, My name its Alex. And here is my short story of how i got cut in my lower lip. i was playing baseball and when i when to catch the ball, hit my... READ MORE

How can I QUICKLY remove scars around my mouth with my skin tone? (photo)

I had some scabs around my mouth that I didn't let heal properly without agitating them by trying to exfoliate them off with a wash clothe daily. Now... READ MORE

Scarring Near Mouth from Retin-A Use

I had mild acne in the past and the doctor prescribed retin-a 0.5 but she didn't stress how you really can't put it near your mouth. I used it... READ MORE

Dynamic Scars Besides Mouth. Closures?

Hi, I have some dynamic scars we can see besides my mouth, distorting the natural skin creases. I just tryed laser, dermaroller, microdermabrasion and... READ MORE

When you remove snake bites (piercings) how "ugly" is the scar?

How does it look like after about 5 years? Do you have a picture maybe? I would be very happy if you could tell me that. READ MORE

I burnt my face after using bleach some time ago. What treatment would you recommend? (photo)

I have a burnt patch around my mouth and chin. I tried to get rid of the scars by peeling the skin. But it doesn't work. Please let me know how... READ MORE

Will DOT CO2 Laser Help Scar Looking Affects from Aquamid?

I have Aquamid on the sides of mouth and on my chin that sticks out from the surface of my skin looking almost like a scar protruding outward slightly... READ MORE

I'm 31 with deep, big, brown, concaved scars near my mouth. Lasers have failed to remove them. What would you suggest?

My skin was very sensitive when i was child so i was hurting my face deeply now i am 31 year old with a deep and big brown concaved scars , using... READ MORE

My skin healed on the inside of my mouth due to my lip piercing. What treatment would you recommend to remove it? (photo)

Do I need medical attention it don't look infected but it has a foul smell coming from it READ MORE

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