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Having Scar Revision for Under the Crease From a Breast Augmentation

I am part Asian & experienced hypertrophic scarring (dark raised scars) under each crease from BA 2 yrs ago. Scar revision is in 2 weeks. PS is... READ MORE

Can scar revision surgery be used to correct a hypertrophic scar on the forehead?

My 10 year old son fell last summer and gashed his forehead. The injury resulted in a raised hypertrophic scar. A plastic surgeon recommended massage... READ MORE

Is this a keloid or hypertrophic scar? What is the best method for minimizing it? (photos)

I got a cyst removed almost 7 months ago a little above the elbow. It didn't heal the way I expected it to since I had a cyst removed on my other arm... READ MORE

Is it too late to start using silicone gel sheets on my 5 month old scar?

I had a revision procedure to remove a dog ear on my right side from an old breast reduction surgery (11 years ago). My doctor didn't advise me to use... READ MORE

Advice on lip scar from dog bite? 4 month old wound. (photos)

End of February my dog bit my lip, sent to emerg and recieved plastic surgery stitches. The bite did not go through the internal lip but made a... READ MORE

Can the keloids be removed from the scars of a neck lift procedure? (Photo)

Hello, my name is Joe and I had a neck lift procedure done on 2/09/15. I have keloids that have produced in the scars. My questions are will... READ MORE

Atrophic scars eyebrow & cheekbone. A lot of scar tissue & also on forehead. Any suggestions?

Should I continue to message these scar tissues? Would you recommend a medical treatment to remove/soften this unsightly tissue? These defects are on... READ MORE

My 4 year old daughter fell and lacerated her forehead two weeks ago. Concerned about indented scarring. (Photo)

We took her to the urgent care and were told that skin glued with dermabond would provide the best cosmetic outcome. I understand that the rednesss... READ MORE

Best way to deal with my raised hypertrophic scars? (Photo)

I've been over a year and a half since I've created these self harm scars. I regret it. I've tried silicone scars, mederma, and the occasional message... READ MORE

What are my best options for facial scar (laser, dermabrasion, kenalog injection?)? What timing is best for treatment? (photo)

I had scar revision surgery on my right cheek 3 months ago. I know it is early, but it is pink and I am worried about the bump on the bottom (standing... READ MORE

Which surgery and cream should i prefer to remove this scar how much time do I need to wait before I go for the surgery? (photos

I m 25 years old and I had an accident about 6 months back and I got very bad scar on my face (stitches ) I have concerned a doctor and he told me to... READ MORE

Is there a way to lighten up my scar? What surgical scar treatment would be feasible for me? (Photo)

8 month ago I spilled boiling water on my right hip. I received I fake skin transplant on one of my scares ( the larger one), while the other one... READ MORE

I have 1 year old scar tissue on my chin. Can it be removed?

. It's soft because i been massaging it with coco butter everyday but i want to be able to remove it because you can still be able to see the scar READ MORE

What treatment should be done with my 20 years old legs scars? (photos)

Before i was massaging mederma creams and vitamin e oils. But nothing happens. READ MORE

How do I clear up this huge scar? (photos)

I had three really tiny scars on my left leg. And a friend recommend that i use "Erase Solution" unfortunately it irritated my skin! Burned it and... READ MORE

Can this scar tissue/indentation be corrected on my abdomen from 2 year old Liposuction? (photos)

I still have this bump on my stomach from liposuction perhaps due to a seroma or hemotoma after surgery. I tried very hard to make the bump go down... READ MORE

Is there a treatment that actually works on mature white scars that are more than a year old? Lasers?

I have had a tummy tuck and breast lift a year ago, and will be having an arm lift and a thigh lift, so I will have a lot of big scars. (It's worth... READ MORE

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