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How to Reduce Scar Tissue on Lip?

I had a growth removed from the inside of my lower lip. I have now developed a hard scar tissue on my lower bottom lip. Is there anything I can do... READ MORE

Healed Lip Laceration Resulted in Bump on Inside of Lip, Should I Get It Removed?

I recently fell and hurt my bottom lip. I had a semi deep laceration; I did not get stitches. The swelling went away and the actual laceration healed... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Remove a Scar on Lip Completely

I have a scar on my lip which is small, white and slightly raised and i've had it ever since an accident when I was little, I was wondering what... READ MORE

Lip Line Scar Treatment Options

I collided with my friends Golden Retriever (don't ask) And it put my teeth through my bottom lip. I have a large ball of scar tissue on the inside,... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Remove the Excess Tissue from Lip?

I had stitches removed from my upper lip 16 years ago. Underneath the upper lip there is a lump of tissue that protrudes out from under my lip. Is it... READ MORE

What method is the right one to treat the depressed scar on upper lip? (photo)

Hello, my question is, what method is the right one to treat the depressed scar on upper lip shown in the attachment and what i probably have to spend... READ MORE

How to Remove Scar from Wart Removal?

10 years ago, I had gone through removing warts electrically from my lips that produced 2 scars. One on my upper lip which is small on the left side,... READ MORE

How to Reduce Scarring from Piercings?

I have snake bite piercings (two piercings under the lip resembling 'snake bites'). I have had my snake bites for about 4 months now and want to... READ MORE

Risks of Tissue Growth Removal from Inside the Lip?

I have some tissue growth inside my lip. My oral surgeon said it is probably caused by biting on lip many times and/or aggravated by my dental... READ MORE

Removing Scar from Lip Piercing?

I just took out my lip piercing last year and I have a scar, not a normal scar though. My scar looks like there's a hole in my lip because there is... READ MORE

How Can I Get Rid of White Scar Tissue on my Lip? (photo)

Hi, A couple of years ago I bit my lip really hard and it has left me with white scar tissue when I smile. When I am not smiling I have a deep line... READ MORE

Small Bump on Lip 4 Months After Removal of Stitches, What Can Be Done?

Hello. My 3 year old daughter cut her bottom lip 4 months and got a few small stitches. A few weeks after removal she had a small bump in her lip. Dr... READ MORE

What Kind of Procedure and How Much Would It Cost for Me to Have Lip Scar Tissue Removed?

I was in a playground accident as a child that left me with stitches in my upper right lip. The scar healed with extra tissue mainly on the inside of... READ MORE

How to Remove Callous-like Scar on Lower Lip

I have a scar on my lower lip. It's hard (callous-like) and I pick at it with my teeth. I believe that it started out as a cold sore. The... READ MORE

How Can I Get Rid of a Scar/bump on my Lip? (photo)

About 7 years ago I was playing freeze tag and I ran into one of my friends. My mouth hit his forehead and one of my teeth pierced through my lip. The... READ MORE

Can Reconstructive Surgery Improve Scar Tissue on Lips?

Four months ago, I tore my upper lip. The emergency doc said, "Lips heal by themselves". My lip did "heal", but there's a thick... READ MORE

Uneven White Scar on my Lip From Cyst Removal. How Do I Get Rid of the Scar? (photo)

I had a small cyst on my lip when I was around 13, had it removed (twice!) and was left with a scar. The skin isn't level now, and it's a... READ MORE

Scar Removal for Lip Scar?

I have a scar on my lip, which is occured due to smoking, how do I get rid of it? Any scar removal options for this? READ MORE

Best Scar Removal Technique for Lumpy Lip Scar?

What would be the most most effective scar removal technique (best closure type to use) to achieve the best result for removal of lumpy scar on lower... READ MORE

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