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Options for Shallow Scarred Pores or Ice Pick Scarring?

I have this scarring across both my cheeks, nose, and forehead from years of blackheads and whiteheads. What laser treatment or other options would... READ MORE

Will Fillers Help for Depressed Surgery Scar?

I have a depressed facial scar with some large pores around it. The scar is on the cheek and was a surgical scar. I am considering a filler. Can this... READ MORE

Various Types of Scars-What Should I Use Phenol Peel or Surgery or Injections? (photo)

Used Accutane in past. It left me with huge, tissue thin weeping pustules on cheeks. Now have pitted scars, rolling scars, probably box scars, and V.... READ MORE

26 years old with poor skin texture/scarring. Would Botox, fillers, etc. help enhance radiant, smoother looking skin? (Photo)

I have had issues for years with obsessively pick my face. In the last couple of years I have notices permanent scarring start to take place. I'm only... READ MORE

I have ice pick scars or enlarged pores all over my nose. What is the best treatment(s) for this?

I was using tretinoin for 9 months and then switched to tazorac and used that for 6 months. That helped with the acne and blackheads but the scars are... READ MORE

Which is the best to to permanently reduce ice pick scars and large pores? Microneedling didn't work! (Photo)

I've done 6 rounds of microneedling with no improvement in the pore size on my forehead, cheeks and nose. Which tx is the best to make these pores... READ MORE

How to make large scar pores smaller? (Photo)

Hello, I was not born with flawless skin, something I've wanted for over 15 years. Can someone please help me and tell me how I can make my pores... READ MORE

What are the best treatment options for a facial surgical depressed scar?

Five months ago, I had an enlarged pore over left eyebrow excised twice. I have had somewhat of a complicated healing course as a suture was... READ MORE

How to get rid of mixed scar/huge pores? (Photo)

Asian male oily skin type been dealing for acne scars for 3 years now finally got it under control but let with mixed scars that include... READ MORE

How can I close open and large pores on my face mainly on cheeks?

I am 18 year old female and I have scars and open pores maybe this is because I used to remove my facial hair. READ MORE

I was wondering what sort of treatment would I require? (Photos)

I have box-scars, rolling and ice-pick scars. I am not sure if I have enlarged pores or are they just ice-pick scarring . If so I would like to treat... READ MORE

What's the Average Cost of Punch-excision for Large Pores?

I have one large-ish pore (probably no more than 2mm - I'm the one in white) on my cheek that I am looking to get removed. I had a consultation... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Revise Scars Worsened from Excision and Laser?

I had a board certified plastic surgeon perform excision on old acne cheek scars then three months later use a newer fractional laser on my entire... READ MORE

Atrophy scars after several rhinoplasties? How to treat the problem?

After 3 rhinoplasties I`ve got the problem with the skin: my pores on nose started to unite creating visible scars (holes, they are very visual closer... READ MORE

Roughly, how much would punch excision cost for removing 1 huge pore?

I have a really big one on my back that is horrible looking. You can see it from 5 feet away it's so bad. I always wear shirts that cover it. So... READ MORE

What can be done to improve scars on my nose?

I got a bad infection on my nose and that left me with badly scarred pores, i decided to have laser treatment and it really has improved a lot but i... READ MORE

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