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How Much Does Laser Scar Removal Cost?

I need a laser scar removal. How much does it cost? Does this really work? How do I make a consultation? My scar is on my leg and on my knees. The... READ MORE

What is the Best Keloid Treatment?

I am an african american, male, 39 yrs old that wants to get rid of a keloid that appears on my ear lobe. my family dr said i need steroid injections... READ MORE

How Much Does Keloid Removal Cost?

My boyfriend has a keloid. How much do you think it would cost me to get it removed? READ MORE

Keloid from Ear Piercing - Removal Options?

Hi. I'm a 15 year old. I got my keloid on my ear as a result of a bad piercing. I went to my doctor and she said she won't treat it with a... READ MORE

Tying String Around Ear Keloid for Removal?

I was reading someone saying that they tied a string around their earlobe keloid to cut off the circulation and the keloid dried up. I was wondering,... READ MORE

Keloids Growing Back After Removal

I have keloids that were surgically removed. Within a year, they grew back even larger. If I get them removed again, will they keep growing back? What... READ MORE

What Can I Do About a Large Keloid 1 Year Post C-section?

I have had 2 c-sections, both formed painful keloid scars. During my second c-section the doctor tried several different techniques to prevent new... READ MORE

Itching and Painful Keloids - Treatment?

I have keloids on my back, chest and cheek. They all between 5 and 10years old they are large and raised.And are still continuing to get larger. They... READ MORE

Painful Keloids

My Keloids Are Vey Painful, I Dont Care About How It Looks , Ijust Want the Pain to Stop, What Can I Do?  READ MORE

Are Steroid Injections for Keloid Scars Painful?

I read somewhere that it is painful to get steroid injections to treat keloids and sometimes it burns. Is this true? READ MORE

Ear Piercings With Keloids?

When I was younger I had my ears pierced, but got keloids. I gave up for many years, but now am thinking about getting my ears pierced again. I still... READ MORE

Best Way to Remove Facial Keloid?

I have a keliod on the right side of face whats the best way of removing it READ MORE

Removal for Belly Button Keloid Scar?

I had my belly button pierced, but it was rejected. I have been left with a small scar, which I have been told is a keloid. Is there anything I could... READ MORE

Procedure and Cost for Removing Keloid on Ear?

I have a keloid behind my ear and on top of my left ear. What treatment should I have get rid of them, and how much will it cost? READ MORE

Silicone Gel Sheets or Liquid Gel for Keloid Scars?

I have two scars on my chest that were diagnosed to be of the keloid scar family. One is the size of a tic tac and I have received cortisone... READ MORE

Can Keloids Have Cancer Cells in Them?

I am a 36 year old woman, I have a keloid on the back of my right shoulder and inner right forearm. The problem that I have is that they can cause... READ MORE

Best Keloid Removal Advice for African American Skin?

I am African American and have a very thick, very raised, approx. 10 inch keloid scar on my neck, and a trachea scar that turned keloid as well. They... READ MORE

Best Keloid Removal Treatment for Chest and Back?

I would like to know what the best treatment is to get rid of keloids? I have a lot of keloid scars on my chest and back. I tried the steroid shots... READ MORE

What Are the Best Treatments for Keloid Scars After Breast Reduction?

I had a breast reduction about 2.5 years ago, when I was 17 years old. I unfortunately developed keloid scarring. I was wondering what the best way is... READ MORE

Can Silicone Sheeting Be Used on Old Keloid Scars?

I developed a keloid scar on my stomach after undergoing surgery three years ago and I developed another keloid scar after undergoing a partial... READ MORE

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