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Does Insurance Cover Hypertrophic Scar Removal?

I have 7 hypertrophic scars on my arm. They're almost a year old. They constantly itch, no matter what type of cream I put on it. They itch to the... READ MORE

Will my insurance pay for the Scar Removal Surgery?

I used to be a self harmer and I have plenty of scars on both arms and my thighs. Most of them are keloids. I was wondering if my insurance would pay... READ MORE

Southern California Keloid Specialist who Accepts PPO Insurance?

I'm a 35 Year Old Latina Who Has Suffered from Earlobe Keloids for Years. I've Had 5 (4 with Kaiser and 1 in Mexico) all that came out of... READ MORE

Insurance Coverage for Constantly Itching and Inflammed Scars?

I have numerous small dot scars on my legs and arms. I have used Scar Zone which has helped on my arms. But I believe I have way too many scars on... READ MORE

Will my insurance (United Healthcare) cover keloid removals on my earlobes? If so, what kind of doctor should I need to visit?

I have United Healthcare as my insurance provider, I live in Houston Texas and well I have been suffering from Keloids on the back of both of my... READ MORE

How to Get Rid of This Keloid, I Dont Have Insurance? (photo)

Please help me and plus i'm graduating this year and i do not want this on my ear . for graduation. And it's very irretating. READ MORE

Will Insurance Cover?

During my last pregnancy (#4) I had a muscle tear along my hip where old scar tissue from C-sections were (this ended up being my 4th c section)... READ MORE

Is There Any Procedure That Would Help and Be Covered?

I had a hysterectomy about 10 yrs ago which has left a lot of scar tissue around the incision which is located in my lower abdomen. since the surgery... READ MORE

How much to get a sebaceous cyst removed non surgically and is it covered by most insurances? (photos)

I have a sebaceous cyst on the right side of my forehead. From the front it's hard to tell but from the side it clearly pertrudes. It's honestly... READ MORE

Would I be able to have insurance cover a scar revision from a surgery due to Crohn's disease? (Photo)

I have a 3 inch long vertical scar from my belly button to my pelvic area due to Crohn's disease. My Crohn's disease was severe and I had no other... READ MORE

Should I go to hospital, or go to a for-profits laser practice SPA for a facial minor scar reduction?

I have two tiny spots of scar on my face, the problem concerning me going to a laser practice SPA is that people at that place don't care much about... READ MORE

Keloid Scar removal follow up

Hi, So in my previous post I shared that I am desperate to have my keloid removed. I've had it for about 10 years and it is located on the cheek of my... READ MORE

HIdradenitis suppurativa bikini line scar removal

How can I get rid of these scars quickly? 6 months max. How much will it cost? Give me a range. Can I get my insurance to cover laser hair removal it... READ MORE

Do Doctors Accept Bluecare Insurance for Keloid Removal?

Do Doctors Accept Bluecare Insurance for Keloid Removal? READ MORE

What Insurance cover Keloid Removal and Mons Pubis Surgery?

I live in Manhattan&I wanted to know if insurance covers keloid removal?I have Metro Plus,what is the best place to go for Keloid removal&where is it... READ MORE

Will Insurance Cover Scar Correction Related to Cholelithiasis of Pregnancy?

Will insurance cover scar correction if related to a medical condition related to pregnancy? ie. cholelithiasis of pregnancy? READ MORE

I stabbed my thighs with sharp pencil, leaving dark graphite "tattoos." Can these be removed? Would insurance pay? (Photo)

During psychotic episode and white hearing command hallucinations, I stabbed both my thighs multiple times with pencils and pens while in the... READ MORE

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