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Pediatric Dermatologist Vs Pediatric Plastic Surgeon and Scar Treatment

My 2 year old daughter fell and hit her forehead 7 weeks ago on a sharp edge of our bed. The cut ran from above her nose just into her eyebrow line.... READ MORE

Will my son's eyebrow grow back after injury and will his injury scar? (photo)

My 4 year old boy get 2 stitches in his eyebrow and the doctor shaved his eyebrow hair near to the edges of the cut , does it will grow again and if... READ MORE

How to remove Accidental marks on Face? (photo)

My name is Md. Nazir khan i am 19 year old I have an accident 2 month ago there are some accidental marks on my face by accident so please tell my how... READ MORE

Hypertrophic Scar on Bridge of my Nose - How Can I Get Rid of It? (photo)

I had an accident nearly 2 years ago and fell off a quad bike in the desert resulting in the skin on the bridge of my nose splitting open. I didn't... READ MORE

I'm 20 Years Old and I Want to Hide a 1.5 Years Old Flat in my Face? (photo)

I have fallen on one of the four wooden edges of my table the outer layer of my skin was cut scar between by eyes - I wear sun glasses all the times... READ MORE

Should I See a Plastic Surgeon...or Wait to See How It Heals?

My 3 yo son hit his forehead on a rock, leaving a 1cm vertical cut. Went to urgent care and dr gave three sutures. Keeping it covered with bacitracin.... READ MORE

How Can I Remove my Scar? (photo)

I had an accident and fell on my head. I have a weird scar in form of u between my eyebrows. What i should do to remove this scar. thank you READ MORE

Could I Have Rocks in my Chin, Which Are Reacting to Laser Treatments?

I Received a Hypertrophic Scar After a Laser Treatment. The Doctor Said This Was Because I Had Rocks in my Chin. Is This True? I saw a doctor to... READ MORE

My scar is atrophic and has widened. Is the result of my scar is due to nature of my injury? (photos)

I have posted an image of my injury and scar after two months. My scar is atrophic and has widened. It does not look anything like conventional scars... READ MORE

I have a hard lump on the inside of my lower lip after an injury and oral surgery. Could this be a hypertrophic scar?

In my sleep I bit the inside of my lower lip right side. Lip was swollen and after 3 weeks I went to the dentist. Dentist One performed oral surgery... READ MORE

Suggested Treatment for Three Year Old's Scar? (photo)

Our three-year-old daughter has a small scar on her forehead. The injury was the result of a fall, and occurred two years ago, and was derma glued.... READ MORE

What treatment can I get done for deep dented scar on the bridge of my nose?

I split my nose open 4 years ago a friend was fell on me and her tooth went in my nose I should of got a stitch but never. I have a dented scar on the... READ MORE

Do injuries on old scar tissue take longer to heal?

I have a 3rd degree burn scar on the back of my right leg, the burn happened 45 years ago. Now I have a small (1/8 inch) scab that will not go away.... READ MORE

Is is possible to remove accidental injury spot on my chin which had treated by 6 stiches? (photo)

I want to know any cream or method through this my injury spot can remove. Kindly check the picture too which i attach to show my chin injury spot. READ MORE

How to Make a Knot on the Cheek Go Away?

My daughter fell off my bed and hit her cheek on the corner of our bedside table, after the fall she had received a black eye from the fall, now that... READ MORE

I Wanted to Know How to Get Rid of Hypertrophic Scars on Face Caused by Cuts? (photo)

About 3 weeks ago I met with an accident and had 2 small cuts on my face that left 2 hypertrophic scars. The pain is still there and I think it's... READ MORE

I realized I have a circumcision injury and this caused a scar & disfigured the shape of my glans. Any suggestions? (photo)

I would like to know if a buccoal muccosal graft be done on this region to remove the scar and improve the appearace and shape and comfort of my glans... READ MORE

How to remove my childhood injury mark at forehead? (photos)

Hello Doc. I have an injury mark at left side of forehead from my childhood.. Is there any way to remove the black injury mark from my... Please help READ MORE

How To Go About Leg, Knee, and Ankle Scar Removal and How to Heal Faster?

I recently got over a very horrible injury. Now, I have a huge scar on my leg, and two medium scars on my ankle and knee. Since I'm very tan, its the... READ MORE

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