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Ingrown Hairs - Caused Horrible Scars on my Legs

I have had ingrown hairs on my legs for the last 3 years. This has caused me to (stupidly) pick them and scratch them. This has left horrible scars on... READ MORE

How to get rid of red and brown ingrown hair scars underneath belly button due to shaving and picking? (photos)

A few years back I stupidly shaved the hair underneath my belly button. Fast forward, I now have ingrown hairs & red & brown ingrown hair scars that... READ MORE

How to Get Rid of Dark Marks from Ingrown Hairs?

I have the marks all over my arms from ingrown hairs and they are dark. Doctors couldn't help. Any suggestions on how to get rid of these? Thanks! READ MORE

How Do I Get Rid of These Hideous Spots? (photo)

For years now I have had these disgusting scars located beneath my belly button area. Ive searched google and no one seems to address this issue. When... READ MORE

How to Get Ride of Brown Dark Spots (Because of Ingrown Hair)? (photo)

Hi there I'm Same I Had many ingrown hair on my legs , my doctor said i have to go for laser hair treatment to stop the ingrown hair . the laser made... READ MORE

Raised Bumps/scarring from Plucking out Ingrown Hair? (photo)

I have always had problems with ingrown hair on my right leg for years. But it's been pretty severe as of late and i have the habit of pocking through... READ MORE

How to Remove Dark Spots Caused from Ingrown Hairs from Upper Lip?

Ever since I started shaving I have always gotten ingrown hairs on my face especially on my upper lip. I have tried everything in order to get rid of... READ MORE

Deep indented scar on pubic area?

I had a very bad ingrown hair that I decided to dig at with tweezers/needle. I think it got very infected and I tried to clean it out with products... READ MORE

What Treatments Are There for Ingrown Hair Scars on Breasts?

I am currently having laser hair removal around my nipples but up till now I have been plucking the hairs which caused some ingrown hairs. A couple... READ MORE

What is the cheapest and most effective way to remove leg scars that resulted from picking ingrown hairs? (photos)

The problem started when i noticed that i had lots of ingrown hair in my legs after doing ineffective shaving and plucking. Out of panic, i picked the... READ MORE

How can I clear horrible shaving bump scars and ingrown hairs? (photos)

I started shaving when I was young and now I'm left with there horrible scars and i don't know how to clear them, I want to be sexually active but I'm... READ MORE

How to get rid of ingrown hair marks? (photos)

Hello, I have red scars/marks all over my legs, some have now darkened and gone black. I think it is ingrown hair scars. I have been exfoliating daily... READ MORE

Radical Action for Keloids

I'm a medium-complected African-American male with a very resistant facial keloid for about 7 years. A year ago, I began developing a new one on... READ MORE

Removing Severe Ingrown Pubic Hair Scars and Permanent Hair Removal. Which type, what equipment and why? (photo)

Due to abundance of extremely thick and curly pubic hair, hairs become severely ingrown after conventional removal methods. It has caused mainly... READ MORE

Can I get rid of 1 year old scars on my legs from ingrowing hairs and scratching?

I have spot scars all over my legs where I have removed in growing hair and by scratching. Some are pink and some are darker. Is there anything that... READ MORE

Horrible scar and ingrown hairs; is it possible to treat this anyhow? (Photo)

I have this horrible scar and ingrown hairs . I cant even wear shorts due to it. is it possible to treat this anyhow. I used to shave and pick a lot and. READ MORE

How to Treat Marks from Ingrown Hairs on Upper Leg Area?

Picking at my ingrown hairs on my thighs has caused marks on my upper legs. I'm not sure if they are classified as scars. Would microdermabrasion... READ MORE

How can I treat scars from ingrown hairs?

I have bad dark scars on my legs from ingrown hairs. I don"t pick and my skin is dark so i cant get laser hair removal. I exfoliate. I have not found... READ MORE

What Kind of Treatment is There for Ingrown Hair Scars?

I started to get ingrown hairs below my belly button. I made the mistake of picking them out and I'm left with about 5 raised bumps, they are... READ MORE

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