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Insurance Coverage for Constantly Itching and Inflammed Scars?

I have numerous small dot scars on my legs and arms. I have used Scar Zone which has helped on my arms. But I believe I have way too many scars on... READ MORE

Next Option to Bleaching Creams for Facial Scar?

I am a 17yr old female. I have PIH on my chin from a fixed drug reaction. This has been going on for about a year and 6 months. I discontinued the... READ MORE

Is this PIH, PIE, or simply scarring? Photos included. Seeking treatment for legs. (photos)

Hi there! I have extremely sensitive skin. I would knick myself often.. These brown spots are left behind wherever my skin takes damage have it be a... READ MORE

What treatment for inflamed keloid scar from hip replacement 2 years ago?

I've hip replacement surgery done 10/2013,have keloid scar 5" long,part of the scar is inflammed,very painful when I sit on the chair,sleep on the... READ MORE

How to remove black spots from my leg?

Hello doctor am 23 yrs problem is there is black spots on ma leg since wn i was 15.i was going to many hospitals but they cant to prove it... READ MORE

I have scar tissue as a result of abscess. Can this tissue be removed or treated?

I have scar tissue as a result of abscess below my armpit and on my butt, Can this tissue be removed or treated to reduce the uneven texture, lumps... READ MORE

How can I treat these red pierced scars on face? (photo)

I was suffering from clogged and inflammed pores (folliculitis) and some acne for over a year. All the bumps have gone but left me with these big open... READ MORE

I had scar revision 4 weeks ago. The scar is red/pink and the surrounding skin looks inflamed. What can I do? (Photo)

Had my scar taped for two weeks since then its red pinky and the surrounding area is ps said stop dermetix scar gel leave alone now and dont do... READ MORE

Painful bump on chest; what can I do about it? (Photo)

I had a blister like painful bump about 3 years ago. It burst and created a hole in my chest that scarred over. It was tested for staph and Mrsa but... READ MORE

How to treat post-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation scars on face, neck and breasts? (photos)

I'm a biracial women with brown PIH scars on my face, neck and breasts (around the nipples) from acne, ingrown hairs and compulsive skin picking. I've... READ MORE

Any procedures or topical treatment for me so that I can finally get rid of all these dark marks and old scars? (Photos)

I'm currently in my 40's. I've been suffering all my life with post inflammatory hyperpigmentation. From chicken pox, mosquito bites, EPF, allergic... READ MORE

How long is it suitable to wait for chickenpox scar healing before going for any treatment? (Photos)

Its said that early scars when treated give better results. I had chicken pox on 18th of sept'16. I had total 9 scabs on my face out of which two are... READ MORE

Baking soda and lemon under my eyes for dark circles led to it being burnt/scarred. (photo)

As stated above, baking soda along with vinegar was applied under my eyes to remove dark circles but I felt a burning sensation and thought it was... READ MORE

How to remove a dark scar? (photos)

More than a month ago I fell and teared my skin slightly. Unfotunately i was in a very hot country at the time and i think the scar tanned causing... READ MORE

Inflammed boils/ingrown hairs, inner thigh scar removal? (photos)

I have good hygiene, and have a hard time figuring out what these are. They'll come one at a time,get inflammed, then die down into a do i... READ MORE

I have a depressed scar on the right cheek on account of a boil. What treatment would you recommend? (photos)

I had a boil, which was a very freak incident which just occured over night. The boil initially caused redness of the skin and then it inflamed. By... READ MORE

What can I do with depressed scar on my cheek? (photos)

About 4 months ago I had inflammation on my right cheek and it left me a depressed scar. It's about 6x6 mm big. I would like to remove the scar or... READ MORE

What is the cause of it and what could be done to fix/remove my scars & heal my new current inflammations? (Photo)

I've had really bad skin issues for many years (since middle school). Based on the picture, what is the cause of it and what could be done to fix and... READ MORE

Options surgical/treatments for facial scarring that is still sore and becomes inflamed 6 years later? (Phtoo)

I had a glass smash on my forehead a 6 years ago and find that the scar continually swell's ever so often and is still painful til this day, mainly... READ MORE

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