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How to get rid of my belly button keloid? (photos)

I got my belly button pierced on October 22, 2015 and I got it taken out on Valentine's Day the following year I thought it was infected because it... READ MORE

How can I get rid of a purple scar from a vaginal cyst?

I am prone to getting cysts and infections in my skin, particularly near my vagina. One cyst left a hideous, purple scar on my Labia and it won't go... READ MORE

How can I improve the appearance of a scar in the corner of the mouth? (photos)

I have a scar in the corner of my mouth I acquired after a laceration, caused by flossing of all things, became infected. The scar appears as two... READ MORE

Can I get stitches on a ripped belly button piercing?

I've had my belly button pierced since 2013 and it's been infected for awhile I guess and I guess my body was trying to reject the piercing which I... READ MORE

I recently experienced severe steroid atrophy. Is there anything I can do to improve my scars? (Photo)

I only used the corticosteroid ointment for about two weeks, but I have some intense Red (They started out as purple)scars on both of my inner thighs.... READ MORE

Burn: Should I remove the yellow/grey layer, and is clear yellow oozing still normal after 18 days? (photos)

This is my burn 18 days after a thermal burn on my calf. The infection has mostly cleared (taking cephalexin now after amoxycillin). Last week the... READ MORE

How to get rid of a purple scar on my nose from a nose piercing I had over 5 years ago? (Photo)

I have a purple scar on my nose from a nose piercing I had over 5 years ago. I got an infection and it never healed back to normal. What can I do to... READ MORE

Is this a keloid scar or Infection? (photo)

I had a adamsapple shave plus voice surgery (CTA) done. After 10 days the stiches were removed. Scar was looking really good Nearly invisble (if you... READ MORE

Will a nose piercing scar ever fade? (photo)

I had my nose pierced for about 9 months, and it ended up getting infected and developed a bump so I took it out thinking that it would simply heal up... READ MORE

Is my scar excision healing okay after being infected? (photos)

I had a deep scar excision surgery 3 weeks ago to remove 25+years African tribal marks (deep scars with charcoal inside to pigment the skin), it got... READ MORE

Am I candidate for scar revision surgery? (Photo)

I had a skin infection 3 months ago that has left a deep, depressed scar. It is very noticeable and I am very self conscious. I would rather have scar... READ MORE

How do I go about removing this scar on my left buttocks cheek? Caused from an infection after nappy rash as a baby (Photo).

As a child I suffered some kind of infection that caused this scarring on my left buttocks cheek. I am unsure as to the exact cause as I am... READ MORE

How much can I expect to pay to have five round white scars removed on my chest? (photo)

I have some scars on my chest from a skin infection. They are round (ish) in shape, flat and white. I really just want them to be thinner and less... READ MORE

Sudden sore red bump on 3 month old scar? (Photos)

3 months ago I had a cyst removed on my face. About a month in a stitch spit out, but past that healing has been going well. This morning I woke up to... READ MORE

What treatment would you recommend for my scar on my private part? (photos)

I've had it since I was born. I starts from the top where it is thickest. Then going down towards the testicles it fades away. I can't pull back the... READ MORE

Scarring from Herpes on Nose. What To Do? (photo)

I had a nasty infection on my nose approximately 9 months ago, which has left me with scarring (pitted). A dermatologist has recommended TCA cross for... READ MORE

How Can I Tell if a Wound Caused by Road Rash is Infected?

This happened 9 days ago now I crashed my scooter. READ MORE

How to remove scar on my forehead? (photos)

Hi, I was told 2 months ago that I had a skin infection and then changed to shingles on my head. I have took many medications for this but have been... READ MORE

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