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Best Way to Remove White Scar?

I have a scar from a wound, which regretfully I did not get it stitched. It has left a round, white scar on my chin. Would I need a surgical scar... READ MORE

What Procedures/treatments Are Effective at Treating Hypopigmented Scars from Cutting?

I have several old hypopigmented vertical line scars on my forearms from cutting. They are still so noticeable that I have worn cardigans every summer... READ MORE

Procedures to Repigment a White Scar?

I am an African American female in her early 20's. A year ago, I had a raised scar shaved off my leg. It left a white scar . Is there is anything I... READ MORE

How to Get Rid of Hypopigmented Scars on Legs?

I am an East Asian 32-year-old woman. I have scars all over my legs (these are from little wounds, scratches, bug bites and etc.). They all are... READ MORE

Cream or Treatments for Raised White Scar?

I have a deep cut mark on my arm, the skin raised a little. It has turned white in colur now. Will this mark ever go? Is there any cream or scar... READ MORE

Treatment for Old, Hypopigmented, Depressed Scar?

Can a 20 year old scar, which is now white (lost pigmentation) and somewhat depressed on the forehead be treated in any way to make it seem less... READ MORE

Will Hypopigmented Scars Shrink As They Heal?

My two-year old recently received 6 stitches on her forehead for a laceration. 10 days later the scab is falling off. The white scar beneath is much... READ MORE

Treatment for Hypopigmented Chicken Pox Scars?

Any suggestions for treatment of white scars left from chicken pox? I'm having Fraxel for the pits, but have been told it won't help the hypopigmentation. READ MORE

Best Way to Improve Old Hypopigmented Burn Scar?

I have a burn scar behind the right knee, and the skin there is loose and pink. The rest of the scar is on the lower leg, but the color is maybe two... READ MORE

Treatment for Hypopigmented Scars on Chest?

I have several scars on my chest with hypopigmented areas. What is the best treatment to make the lightened parts darker again? READ MORE

Lip Line Scar Hypopigmented?

I had a bicycle injury about a year ago that left me with a small scar on the vermilion border of my lip. This scar is not the same color as the rest... READ MORE

Can a Dermatologist Fix Not Too Severe Light Scar?

A scab on my forehead fell off about 7 months ago. Pink skin lied underneath. It's now a light red/brown but still noticeable. I'm due to meet with a... READ MORE

I have a hypopigmented scar/white scar on my thigh. I would like to get it remove. What type of surgery would I need to get? (ph

I have this hypopigmentes scar on my right thigh. I've had it since I was maybe 18/19 I'm now 24. I've tried creams but that didn't help. How can I... READ MORE

What Can Be Done for White Scars on the Back of my Head from an Old Hair Transplant? (photo)

I wanted to share my situation with you and see if you had any suggestions. I am 38 and had a HT about 15 years ago. It has left scarring in the donor... READ MORE

I have a lumpy abrasion scar on my forehead. Can anything be done to improve appearance? (photo)

Abrasion left a lumpy scar hypo pigmented scar on forehead. Can anything be done to improve appearance? READ MORE

What Can Be Done About Old White Scars on Legs?

I have scars on my legs which are 15 years old. They are like round white shiny scars and I cannot remove them by some cream. I cannot wear skirts and... READ MORE

What Can Be Done to Hide White and Brownish Scar?

Hi, I am a black skinned lady with old scars of over 20 years. They have a kind of white and brownish color. Please, which treatment can I use to at... READ MORE

Average Price White Acne Scars Removal on Back and Shoulders?

Thank you for your advice about extensive acne scars on back area. I have had this situation all over my shoulders for almost 10 years. I am... READ MORE

Help with Bleached Patches from Lemon Juice?

I tried to lighten my acne scars with fresh pure lemon juice. However, for some reason it has bleached both of my cheeks and now my face looks patchy... READ MORE

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