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Best Hypertrophic Scar Treatment?

Basically, 2 years ago, I was playing football with friends, fell bad, and got this really bad "cut/gash" on my knee.It eventually turned... READ MORE

Options for Removing a Hypertrophic Scar?

I had a major surgery 11 months ago to removed a tumor from my pancreas Two months after the surgery, I developed a thick and bulky scar. I went to... READ MORE

Is Laser Surgery on Hypertrophic Scars Recommended?

I have a red, raised scar on my chin (partially faded) and I was wondering if it's recommended to have Laser treatment and if so what are the side... READ MORE

How to Fix Hypertrophic Scar from Shingles?

About 7 years ago, I got shingles on the side of my face. After they went away, I was left with what appears to be, a hypertrophic scar (red and... READ MORE

Best Treatment for Hypertrophic Acne Scars?

My skin can best be described as "lumpy", with hypertrophic acne scars covering most of my face. I am a Caucasian female, 41. The scars... READ MORE

What is this bump on my industrial piercing and how can I treat it? (Photo)

I got my industrial pierced 5 years ago and have had this bump since. I am unsure if this is a keloid or a hypertrophic scar. It used to be fairly... READ MORE

Cortisone Injection and Pulsed Dye Laser for Hypertrophic Scars?

5FU or Cortisone injection and Pulsed dye laser for hypertrophic scars? I have three or four small 8-year-old hypertrophic scars on my cheek. Should I... READ MORE

Reducing Hypertrophic Scar from Mole Removal on Penis? (photo)

I went through a mole removal on my penis past October. Soon after, the wound was infected and when it was healed, a pigmented hypertrophic scar took... READ MORE

Does Insurance Cover Hypertrophic Scar Removal?

I have 7 hypertrophic scars on my arm. They're almost a year old. They constantly itch, no matter what type of cream I put on it. They itch to the... READ MORE

What Can Be Done About my Lip Scar That Will Never Heal?

Dear RealSelf, I have a scar in the middle of my uper lip from a road accident 18 years ago. It is red, raised slightly fibrous underneath and filled... READ MORE

What's the Best Treatment to Reduce/eliminate a Hypertrophic Scar on a Cartilage Piercing?

I got a cartilage piercing w/ a needle 1.5 years ago in order to min. possibility of scarring. I always kept it clean w/ sea salt and was putting dil.... READ MORE

Scar Treatment for Scalded Asian Skin?

I have developed hypertrophic scarring on my chest as a result from scalding over 5 years ago. What type of treatment and the best treatment there is... READ MORE

Should I Use a Dermatologist or Plastic Surgeon for Scar Excision?

And why? Which is the best option? Pros and cons? Also, which type of excision procedures are best for a small lineal hypertrophic scars after an... READ MORE

Can You Still Get Rid of a Scar That Has Been Sunburnt?

In 2008 I had my thyroid removed which left me with a huge scar.It was hypertropic and I received steroid injections for that which helped to a point... READ MORE

Cortisone Injection for Hypertrophic Scars?

Is cortisone injection good for 8 year old hypertrophic scars? READ MORE

Is This Scar from my Navel Piercing a Keloid?

I'm wondering because I want to get it repierced but first, I want to know if it's a keloid or just hypertrophic scar so I can proceed to find methods... READ MORE

Indentation After Steroid Injection to Remove Hypertrophic Scar

Two years ago, I had a mole on my thigh removed by laser. Unfortunately, it grew back into a different color so I went to a different dermatologist.... READ MORE

Steroid Injection for Hypertrophic Scar?

I am 24 yr old brown skin Indian girl having a hypertrophic scar on my jawline under my sideburn about 5 mm diameter red and looks like a boil for... READ MORE

What is This Bump on my Lip? Is It a Hypertrophic Scar?

I had a lip piercing for about two years and it would occasionally get a bump on the bottom part of the circular barbell I usual had in it but it... READ MORE

Hypertrophic Scar on Bridge of my Nose - How Can I Get Rid of It? (photo)

I had an accident nearly 2 years ago and fell off a quad bike in the desert resulting in the skin on the bridge of my nose splitting open. I didn't... READ MORE

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