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What Can I Do to Get Rid of This Scar on my Forehead?

I've ha this scar on my forehead for about a year from a weight hitting my head and I hate it.. it really bothers me a lot and I'm wondering... READ MORE

What is Best Procedure for a Strip Scar in my Head (Very Large & Wide)

I´ve had a HT done about 6 years ago which left me with a terrible Strip Scar on the back of my head (very bad) see pics attached. I am trying... READ MORE

Best OTC Surgical Scar Cream/gel From Tumor Removal From Brainstem

I had surgery in 2004 to remove a tumor on the brain stem and given a "scab-like" stitch which fell off naturally. It is vertical, thick,... READ MORE

Scar Repair from an Auto Accident? (photo)

Im 23 years old and had a very terrible car accident which resulted me in having a scar on my head. The accident was three years ago. I waited a year... READ MORE

Chicken pox scars (Photo)

Hi, I wondered if you could recommend any type of treatment that could remove or minimise these scars on the back of my head which I assume are from... READ MORE

I want to remove this scar. What treatment should remove it? (Photo)

Neourofibroma was on my head i was operated 2009 because neurofibroma was very ugly on my shor hair this is main reason opearted but after operation... READ MORE

Getting steroid injection to flatten them & tretinoin gel. Would scar revision, scar camouflage make a better appearance?(photo)

I'm African America 32yrs for the past couple of years I been suffering from akn the ingrown hairs from the back of my head and on top of scalp.I'm... READ MORE

Removal of a 'fresh' scar?

I fell on my head last Saturday and the doctor gave me stitches. How long if at all should I wait before doing a scar removal treatment ? It is on my... READ MORE

Keloid Scars and Treatments?

I have keloid scars on my head, shoulder, arm, and hip from accident/surgery. The scars were raised and bright red in color for about a year. Few... READ MORE

How can I clear this scar please? (Photo)

I have had this for nearly 2 months it was caused by a heavy blow to the head, i am using bio oil to help but it is not helping, please help READ MORE

What is the best option for visible scar on back of head/scalp surrounded by hair? (Photo)

I got surgery for a lipoma on the back of my head and she just stitched it up and left a scar, it has gotten surprisingly better over the months,... READ MORE

Head Scar: Part Depressed Surgical Scar? (photo)

After brain surgery, I have one half of the scar on my head which is just slightly uneven (left side) and the second half which is depressed (right... READ MORE

How to minimize huge scars and dark spots caused by mosquito bites?

I have this scar on my head that I have had since I was about nine or so nd it's a bit swollen. It's like a bump on my head with a scar(forehead... READ MORE

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