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How to Remove Stitch Impressions?

I cut my hand by blade 5 months ago. After that, the doctor stitched it and now I want to remove the stitches impression. Please suggest how it could... READ MORE

How Can I Get Rid of Mosquito Bite Scars on my Legs and Hands? (photo)

I have always had sensitive skin and living in Africa i got bitten by a lot of insects especially mosquitoes and when these bites heal they do not... READ MORE

Recommended Scar Removal Cream for Deep Scars?

I had cut my hand by knife. After some days, I found deep scars can you help me? Can you please suggest any anti-scar cream which can make me get rid... READ MORE

How to Remove a Red Scar?

I have a burn scar on my left hand that is the result of an incident that happened this past June. I feel like I've ruined the appearance of the... READ MORE

Can you suggest a cream that will help me reduce the scar? (photo)

I had cut my hand with a blade some where in September. Since then, I have a big scar on my hand which looks really bad. Because of that scar I have... READ MORE

How Do I Get Rid of a Keloid Scar on my Hand? (photo)

I have some type of scar on my hand. I think it's a keloid scar. It's dark in one part & then lighter than my skin color in another part. It's also risen. READ MORE

What Type of Doctor Can Help my Knuckle Scar Removal Procedure?

I fell off my bicycle years ago and developed a scar on my knuckle. I started picking and even biting it and it now looks horrible. It is an inflated... READ MORE

How to get rid of my scars completely? (photos)

Hello. I am 20 years old. I got my first scar by cutting my hand on a glass from a door 8 months ago. I would like to know what options I have to get... READ MORE

I have scars that left stitch marks on the left forehead & left (mildly fractured) hand. What would you recommend? (photo)

I had an accidental 1 month back on a two wheeler. Resulting in sutures being placed on my forehead & hand, I have only been applying bio oil & rose... READ MORE

Best Treatment for Keloid Burn Scar on Hands?

I have 10-year-old 2nd/3rd degree burn scars on my hands. Some skin specialists said that they are keloids. Is there any treatment for such scars? If... READ MORE

Knuckle Scar treatment or removal? (photo)

I have a scar on my right knuckle from a wart removal many years ago, sometime around 2003. The spot never exactly heals correctly leaving a top layer... READ MORE

Weird Lump on Knuckle Post Laceration That Required Stitches? (photo)

3 weeks ago, I cut my knuckle on my right hand with a scalpel (I work in a lab). I cut it pretty deep (could see bone). Went to ER and doctor stitched... READ MORE

Which Laser Treatment is Suitable to Remove my Scar on Hand? (photo)

Hi, I have a scar which was caused by a glass accident. There are many types of laser treatments, and I dont know which one is best for me. I have... READ MORE

How does scar removal work? Can the scar I'm sharing pictures of be completely removed? (photos)

I got a severe cut on my hand, and had to get stitches. But the stitches couldn't treat it well, and it was left open. The cut is about 2/3 inches... READ MORE

What Product Can Be Used for Acne Scars?

When I was 15, I started breaking out. Now I'm turning 21, I have scars all over my face and hands. What can I use? Thank you. READ MORE

I Have Very Bad Spots and Scars All over my Legs and Hands. Can Some One Please Help?

I have very bad spots and scars all over my legs and hands, can some one please help find a qualified Dr, I have visited 2 dermatologist to no avail.... READ MORE

Cut marks on hand. Can they be removed completely? What would it cost? (Photo)

Sir myself shruti. I cut my hand with a blade. There is cut marks in my hand. I want to make remove the cut marks completely. I am sending you pic. Of... READ MORE

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