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What Treament is Best for Linear Scar Removal? (photo)

I have linear scar on my upper lip left side. it was a mark of injury i got when i fell down when i was a kid. I am 18years now. I have consulted a... READ MORE

How can I stop my keloid from growing?

I have a keloid that grew from my a piercing on the upper part of my ear and I tried to remove two times with surgeries but it kept growing back and I... READ MORE

Growing Keloid Treatment? (photo)

I have a keloid at my chest from my childhood but from last few years I have scene it increasing slightly very very very small amount. What is the... READ MORE

How can this large birthmark on my arm be remove? (photos)

I was born with a birth mark on my left arm but I have notice that is been growing and is begining to look more noticible. The layer on that part of... READ MORE

What could be the cause of an inner-thigh scar from no trauma? (photos)

About 4 months ago I noticed a small scar on my inner thigh that started at the top of my right inner thigh next to my scrotum. It was about an inch... READ MORE

Scar tissue has formed all way around: can't have sex due to this problem. Is there any hope for me

I'm 71 years old and fell off my house about 4 years ago. Brused my pinus & scar tissue has grown all way around READ MORE

What is this on my ear? Can I get it surgically removed? (Photo)

I got my ear pierced about 12 years ago. But only in the last 2 years this bump has formed on the back of the hole where my ear was pierced on both... READ MORE

Is it possible to take off the scars that have made my life a living hell? (photos)

Hello I am called Natasha leaving in Bramley. I have moles/ scars that grow out of nowhere on my skin and they keep enlarging..i have my self..please... READ MORE

Is My Old Scar That Continues to Grow Hypertrophic or Keloid?

I had this scar due to a minor bicycle accident 8 years ago. Problem is, I believed it to be a hypertrophic scar, but it keeps on growing, and now... READ MORE

What method is more effective in controlling or localizing Discloid lupus? Injection or generic Elecon cream?

When I first got diagnosed with discloid lupus my Dr.gave me a generic for Elecon cream, but despite using it daily some of my scars are growing and... READ MORE

What would cause my daughters scar to become deeper and more pigmented as she grows, what treatment would you recommend? (photo)

My daughter cut her eye when she was around age 2 or 3. The scar had never been very noticeable, until now. She is now 12 and just within the past... READ MORE

I have a scar on my face. Any suggestions for growing scar, happen while shaving year ago? (photo)

Its round dried dead skin, This happened a year ago by cut whilst shaving but now the scar is grown it was tiny and i fiddled with by pinching it a... READ MORE

I want to stop the growing & itching of an old 30 yr old Keloid + stop new old even starting. Any suggestions?

I have a 30+ yrs old Keloid on my shoulder that i just want to stop growing & itching so wondered what is a good silicone gel sheeting? i have one... READ MORE

20 year female from india suffering from keliod on neck after chickenpox?

When i was 16 yr old i got chickenpox after that on my neck there was a dark scar which was growing, i did surgery on that keloid and it became more... READ MORE

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